Valentine’s Day Lookbook (Fashion Friday ~ BAB Takeover Week February 2021)

Hello friends!


Gracie here! I’m going to be sharing with you all some outfit ideas for Valentine’s day outfits to wear on Valentine’s day! I enlisted a few of my friends to help model. Let’s get started!

Most of the time, you can style a nice Valentine’s look with just some red or pink pieces. However, it’s also fun to play with elements like hearts too.


1. The Starry-Eyed Gal

Stella dressed in a shimmery white shirt with a star on it. She chose a complimenting pair of pink pants. As an accessory, she chose a white bow with pink dots.


2. The Animal Lover

Sparkles modeled this animal themed outfit! She’s wearing a bit of a long shirt with a puppy and a heart on it. Because you can’t go wrong with denim, she’s wearing jeans. A red bow ties the whole look together!


3. The Marvel Fan

Tye is wearing an outfit fit for a a Marvel fan! It’s Spider-Man in the shape of a heart, how cool! He paired the tee with a simple pair of jeans.


4. The Overdresser

Now, sometimes we want to dress fancy! Candy here is wearing a pink sparkly dress along with a sparkly headband. This would work great for some sort of Valentine’s party!


5. The Athletic Fashionista

Swirl is wearing this sporty look! She’s wearing a simple pair of jogging pants and a red bandana tee! Then, the look is completed with a light pink baseball hat. I think it’s a good look for an active lifestyle.


6. The Dressy Casual Look

Cherie here is wearing a simple pink ruffle dress and a cream colored bow. Even though it’s a pretty simple look, the ruffles make it a bit more fancy.


7. The Sophisticated Style

Cali here models a bit of a more mature look. She’s wearing a muted pink dress and a cream shawl. I think it looks like something my mom would wear(in a good way!)


8. The “Today is Valentine’s Day?” Look

Chip isn’t a huge fan of Valentines day, so he didn’t want to go all out with his look. He’s simply wearing a dark red sweater and black pants.


9. The Playful Outfit

You guys know that Cherry is a pretty active girl right? She pretty much never wears dresses. Anyway, she’s wearing a pink top and a pair of overalls. It’s pink enough to be Valentine’s Day, but also her style.


10. The Pink Obssessed Style

My “twin” Sandy went all out with her look! She’s wearing a hot pink shirt and a pink and red skirt with hearts on it. She also have a pink rose as an accessory. You can definitely tell it’s Valentine’s Day by her outfit!

I hope you liked these looks! Please tell me which of these was your favorite! And, I hope that you can figure out what to wear on Valentine’s Day from this list!


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