Hearts and Hugs Photoshoot (Small-Fry Saturday ~ BAB Takeover Week February 2021)


Here we are all posed together. I’m in the center because I’m the center of attention of course.


Well, this is a boring photo! I’m not in it! Cherie and Cherry posed together because they’re twins. Moving on…


Then, it was time for solo shots! This is Cherry, I’m still not in this photo, *yawns*


Here I finally am! Aren’t I beautiful?


Oh no! We’re back to photos without me. *sighs*

Cherie looks thoughtful here.


It looks like we have a photobomber! And…it’s not me?


Ah, we’re all together again! Nice.


I don’t know WHAT Cherry is doing! Cherie and I were posing nicely and then Cherry just hops in.


Next, we have close-ups of our hearts! Can you tell if this is Cherie or Cherry?

It’s Cherie, by the way.


This, obviously is the star of the whole blog, me!


And here’s Cherry!


Cherry also looks kinda silly here. But I still look beautiful in my gown.


After taking so many photos, we got tired. I think this photo does look pretty cool!


I love my sisters.


This was a really fun photoshoot!

If you liked it, make sure to send presents to Candy Stone at 304 Build a Bears Furever Road in the USA.

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