Magazine Craft Ideas (Marvelous Mondays ~ BAB Takeover Week March 2021)

Hello all. Eden is a little sad today, because it is the very last Marvelous Monday. As you all may know, BAB Takeover Week is ending. Eden loves doing MMWE, but sadly we have decided that it is time for BABTW to come to an end…


Anyway, Eden will probably talk more about that later. For now, she’s going to show you some crafts to make with old magazines!


You will need old magazines/catalogues. Eden has several.


Let’s start with Eden’s least favorite craft, a paper rose. This isn’t really hard, but it can look nice.


If you have advertisements with food, and stuffed animals or dolls. you can cut it up and make food for your animals!




Finally, Eden has made a vision board.


Isn’t it bootiful?



Well, Eden hopes you enjoyed the last episode of Marvelous Mondays with Eden! Eden has very much enjoyed sharing her arts and crafts with you.

Signing off,

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