Forgotten BABTW Names (Wonderful Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week March 2021)

Hello all! ‘Tis I, Sandy.

Gracie and I are very sad that BABTW is ending. But, this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of us, don’t worry.

Anyway, for today’s post, I thought it would be cool to share with you some Takeover week ideas that never really came to pass. Diamond came up with a looooot, so enjoy!


  • Movie Monday
  • Musical Monday
  • Mayhem Monday
  • Moose Monday

There were a few unused ideas for Monday’s, but I think the ones we have sound intriguing. I most would have liked to see Moose Monday, which would have been about Hal and Holly of course.


Tuesday and Thursday are together because they both start with T.

  • T-Shirt Tuesday

Apparently we used nearly all of the ideas for the T days. Oh well. It would have been interesting to see a T-Shirt Tuesday though.


  • Where-we-went Wednesday
  • Willow Wednesday
  • Weston Wednesday
  • Winter Wednesday
  • Wishlist Wednesday

Ah. It would have been really cool to do a trip recap on Where-we-went Wednesday, but alas, that never happened. We do have some fun stuff coming related to travel though coming up!


  • Fall Friday
  • Flutter shy Friday
  • Fun Friday

Honestly these seem kinda boring. I’m glad Diamond didn’t end up doing any of these.


  • School
  • Scary
  • Story
  • Snuggly
  • Starburst
  • Sandy
  • Seasonal
  • Sleigh Ride
  • Stitch

All of these sound pretty awesome! Especially Sandy Sunday. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Anyway, I feel like it would have been fun to see some of these.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little post looking through our past ideabook. Which of these would you have been most intereseted in? Also, stay tuned tomorrow for our 4th blogiversary! I can’t believe it’s been so long!

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