Which Stone Are You | QUIZ (Saturdays with the Stones ~ BAB Takeover Week March 2021)

Hello friends! It’s the Stone kids here! Have you ever wondered which of us you are the most like? Well, today, for our last Saturdays with the Stones, we’ve put together a quiz so you can find out!

Please answer these questions as honestly as possible, and keep track of the letters you choose!

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1. You get an invitation to a party. What do you say?

a. That sounds really fun! I can’t wait!

b. I think I’ll pass for now.

c. If I’m not busy, then I’ll go.

d. Nothing. You don’t actually want to socialize, do you?

e. Do you need any decorations? What about food? I can help out if you want.

f. Will there be presents?

g. Will my friends be there?

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2. Your friend wants to cheat off your test at school. What do you say or do?

a. I have to warn you, I probably won’t get the right answer.

b. No! That’s wrong.

c. Hmm, just this once.

d. *gives the friend a wrong answer*

e. I’ll help you study instead!

f. If you pay me.

g. *tells the teacher*

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3. What is your dream vacation?

a. Skiing

b. New York City

c. Endor(or any fictional place)

d. The Grand Canyon

e. The Beach

f. Paris

g. Disney World

people sitting on chair
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4. Favorite movie genre?

a. Animated films

b. Princess

c. Sci-fi

d. A nature documentary

e. A Rom-com

f. I prefer TV shows

g. A Fantasy film

black wooden writing desk chair inside room
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5. School is canceled for the day. What do you do?

a. Play outside

b. Read

c. Play video games

d. Take a walk

e. Make a craft

f. Whine about being bored

g. Sleep in

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6. You’re in charge of feeding the family. What do you make?

a. Ramen for everyone!

b. Pancakes.

c. Everyone can fend for themselves.

d. Sandwiches.

e. Some sort of soup or casserole.

f. Order takeout.

g. Tacos.

short-coated white puppy on concrete surface
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7. An unfamiliar dog approaches you. How do you react?

a. It’s just a new friend!

b. *Runs away from it*

c. *Literally doesn’t care*

d. Assess the situation and the likelihood that the dog has rabies.

e. Calls the nearest humane society.

f. Call Mommy.

g. Give the dog some food and water.

blue shelf with pair of slip-ons and five clothes
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8. What is your go to outfit?

a. Something comfortable.

b. A nice dress or tutu.

c. A fandom T-shirt and jeans.

d. Something camouflaged.

e. A cardigan, and something a little fancy.

f. Only dresses and skirts.

e. The first thing in my closet.

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9. Your sibling ruined your favorite shirt. What do you do to them?

a. Secretly steal one of there shirts.

b. Cries, but forgives them

c. Give them the silent treatment

d. Get them to replace it.

e. Snap at them to never take your clothes again.

f. Charges them a fine

g. Shrugs it off.

10. Which of these are your dream house?

(All photos from Unsplash)








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11. What do you do while quarantined?

a. Cry.

b. Stock up on toilet paper.

c. Movie marathon.

d. Enjoy more time in nature.

e. Sew cute masks.

f. Obsessively order things from Amazon.

g. Try out a million hobbies.

Friyay scrabble pieces on white surface
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12. Describe your ideal Friday night?

a. Party!

b. Reading in bed.

c. Watching a movie.

d. Camping.

e. Hanging out with a couple friends.

f. Shopping.

g. Playing games with family.

red apple fruit on four pyle books
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13. Favorite subject in school?

a. P.E.

b. English

c. History

d. Science

e. Home EC

f. Math

g. Foreign Language

Did you keep track of your answers? Figure out which letter came up the most, and we’re going to match you with one of us that you are most similar to!


Mostly A’s: Cherry

If you answered mostly A’s, you are most like Cherry. You probably have an unlimited supply of energy and enjoy socializing with new people. You love to have fun and are easily bored. You’re also a child at heart who loves to play.


Mostly B’s: Cherie

If you answered mostly B’s, then you are most similar to Cherie. The two of you share a love of reading and quiet activities. Introversion is a big part of your life, but you still like to keep the people you love close. You probably have a strong moral code.


Mostly C’s: Cloud

If you picked a lot of C’s, then you are similar to Cloud. While Star Wars may not be your chosen fandom, you are very much a fan of something. You may find yoursellf thinking of a certain book or movie many times throughout the day. You also have a mischievious streak that can sometimes get you into trouble.


Mostly D’s: Chip

Answering with mostly D’s mean you are like Chip. Ever the introvert, you prefer spending time in solitude versus with lots of people. You love nature and God’s creations. Silence is golden for you. You’re usually responsible and reserved. Also, you can be incredibly protective over those you care about.


Mostly E’s: Sandy

To everyone who picked E’s, you’re more mature than you think! Another word to describe you is creative. Sometimes you can be a little bossy, but you prefer to think of yourself as “responsible.” You have a small group of friends, but you prefer it that way.


Mostly F’s: Candy

All you guys who chose F are most like Candy. Okay, so maybe you are concerned with money and material products. But what’s wrong with that? Money is what the world runs on, right? You also have a short attention span, and due to this, you can be a little impatient. You like shopping a lot too.


Mostly G’s: Cali

If G was your predominant answer, then you are like our dear Cali. You’re a dreamer who has a heart of gold. People often tell you that your head is in the clouds. Your friend group is tight-knit, you consider them to be family.You always try to do what you think is right, regardless of what others tell you.

Well? Who are you most like? Start up a conversation in the comments and tell us! We’d love to know. Hopefully you had as much fun with this as we did!

38 thoughts on “Which Stone Are You | QUIZ (Saturdays with the Stones ~ BAB Takeover Week March 2021)

  1. I got Cherry!! Aww I loved getting to take this super fun quiz!! I do love to have fun and socialize with people and playing. Although, I don’t get bored that easy, but girrrlllyyy,, CHERRY YEES! hahahah loved this!
    -kaelyn 😛

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