The Leprechaun Trap ~ Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2021 (A BABF Original Photostory)

Hello friends! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you’re having a great day, and also make sure to wear green today!

About a month ago, I had a dream that I missed this post, and that it was St. Patrick’s Day and I was scrambling to finish it. Also in the dream, I remember making the featured image. It looked very similar to the one I actually am using.

Anyway, the reason why I was so concerned about making a post on St. Patrick’s Day is because for some reason St. Paddy’s Day is the only holiday in which we’ve consecutively posted. I really don’t know why, but I’d hate to break tradition!

My dream kind of came true, because I was rushing like crazy to get this photostory done! I don’t normally wait until the last minute, but I guess I did this time. So, I apologize in advance for any errors that I might would have caught if I had more time. But, for what it is, I’m happy with it.

Oh yeah, and I feel obligated to say that the views expressed by Mischief do not represent my own. I don’t recommend breaking into anyone’s house under any circumstance. But…we’ll get to that.

Without further ado…

(Mischief’s POV)


“Are you guys excited for St. Patrick’s Day?” Aunt Emma asked.

I shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Emma gaped. “What are you talking about?”

From her reaction, you’d have thought I told her I didn’t like puppies. Aunt Emma took St. Patrick’s Day very seriously. Of course, anyone with eyes could tell you that. Not only did she constantly wear green apparel, but she had shamrocks permanently dyed into her white fur.

“I, uh, just mean that I’ve kinda lost the excitement for St. Patrick’s Day? It’s a perfectly good holiday, but I don’t care for it all that much,” I attempted to salvage the situation.

Aunt Emma shook her head. “That just isn’t right! Aren’t you at least excited for the leprechauns?”

“The what?” Cloud asked. I had to agree with my cousin on that one. Leprechauns were dumb.

“The leprechauns of course!” Aunt Emma replied. “They come visit us every St. Patrick’s Day to bring us chocolate!”

Cloud and I shared a glance. Sure, we’d had a leprechaun visit us once or twice when we were really little, but it wasn’t like they were real. Did Aunt Emma really believe in them?

“You don’t really believe in those things, do you?” I asked, dumbfounded.


Aunt Emma gasped. “Of course I do! With behavior like that, you definitely won’t get any chocolate.”

Her phone started buzzing. “Oh man,” she interrupted herself. “I have to go.”

Cloud and I frowned. I was bummed that she had to go so soon. We’d barely gotten to do anything together.

“Okay,” Cloud sighed. “If you have to.”

Emma nodded. “I’m sorry kiddos. Duty calls.”

As she stepped out the door, she added, “Don’t forget to wear green! And leprechauns are definitely real!”

After she left, I was struck with an idea. I grinned at Cloud as I gestured for him to follow me. We ventured off to find his mother, my Aunt Peri.


Sure enough, she was washing dishes in the kitchen. If a more perfect mother existed in the world, I would be surprised.

“Does Aunt Emma really still believe in leprechauns?” I asked.

Aunt Peri turned off the running faucet and wiped her brow. “She does,”

I scrunched up my face. It was a little weird for a grown woman to still believe in such things. But what concerned me most was how she would react when the leprechauns didn’t come.

“What happens when they don’t come?” Cloud must have been on the same wave length as I was.

Aunt Peri shrugged. “We’ve never let that happen.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, for a while your mom lived with her. The past couple years the leprechauns have visited her through the mail.”

“The mail?” I exclaimed. “That’s not very fun.”

“True, but what can we do?”

A slightly evil grin creeped across my face. One of my most brilliant schemes popped into my head. Without a word, I skipped away to create a presentation.


After I’d created a hastily drawn poster, I hurried back to Cloud and Aunt Peri.

“Haven’t I taught you that it’s rude to run off like that?” Periwinkle asked, crossing her arms.

I nodded. “Yeah, but look!”

Out of breath, I pointed to my poster. I let my audience have a moment to take in the brilliance of my poster.

“This is how we’re going to have the leprechauns visit Aunt Emma this year!” I announced.

Aunt Peri set down the cup of soda that she was drinking as she carefully studied my plan.

“Only one problem,” she started. “We’re not breaking into her house.”

I folded my arms. “You call it breaking in, I call it my mom has an extra key.”

Peri sighed. “That’s stretching the truth.”

Cloud looked up at his mother. “I mean, she is expecting leprechauns to break into her house. Isn’t it better to have your house broken into by those you love?”


Periwinkle sighed. “Well, if your mom says you can borrow the key…”

Cloud and I victoriously high-fived each other.

“Wait!” Aunt Peri interjected. “What’s going to happen is this: I’m going to take her to brunch, and while I do, Bella can drive the two of you over to leave the chocolate coins. Sound fair?”

We both nodded. This was going to be great!


On St. Patrick’s Morning, I dressed in my greenest apparel. “No one’s pinching me!” I proudly announced into the mirror.

I patiently waited while my mom drove us over to Aunt Peri’s house. Of course, Mom would have described it as constant complaining, but to each his own, I guess.

“I’m here!” I yelled into the house, just like I did every morning. Cloud rushed in and Sparkles rushed out. I suppose she wanted to hang out with our girl cousins and do whatever girls do.


I whispered to Cloud. “Is everyone wearing green here?”

Cloud slyly whispered back. “They are now,”

I easily extracted the unspoken meaning behind his words. Obviously, he’d gotten to the pinching before I’d arrived.

I shook off my slight disappointment that I hadn’t gotten to pinch anyone. There was always next year. My mood quickly shifted when I remembered our plans for the day.

“When is brunch?” I asked Cloud.

He shrugged. “I don’t know. I was just planning to hang out until Mommy tells us to go.”

I nodded. “Good plan.”

Aunt Peri waltzed into the room with a whistle. I wanted to hide, but I was too late. As she blew her whistle, the rest of the kids filled the room.

“School time!” she said, much to chipper to have said anything related to school.

I groaned. Certain pains were inescapable.


My attention was reduced to a limited capacity while Aunt Peri droned on about the history of St. Patrick’s Day and some other stuff that I didn’t care about.

When I heard, “Since today is a holiday, I’m letting you guys out a little bit early,” I instantly snapped out of my dazed state. Grinning, I glanced at Cloud.

“Brunch time,” I said, a hint of a question in my tone.

Aunt Peri looked at us. “As soon as Aunt Bella pulls up, we can go.”

Almost as if on cue, I heard my mother’s car rumble in the driveway.

Aunt Peri got her things together and headed to Aunt Emma’s. Mom made us wait in the car for a little while to make sure there was enough time for Aunt Peri to pick Emma up.

The car ride was monotonous, and despite the peppy songs Mom put on the radio, I found myself bored.

Finally, finally, we arrived at Aunt Emma’s house. Cloud and I shared a mischievous grin. “Here comes the exciting part,” I thought.


Cloud and I raced out of the car and turned the key as fast as we could. He held out the chocolate coins and I opened the door. I made sure to slowly creak it open. Even though we weren’t in danger of being caught because of how loud we were, I still felt that we should be silent. Sneaking around didn’t feel the same whenever you acted normal.


When we crossed through the threshold of Emma’s home, we were nearly assaulted by the green and gold décor. Everywhere we looked there were shamrocks and rainbows.

One thing we hadn’t accounted for was Emma’s leprechaun trap. I knew that it was custom to leave a trap for the leprechaun on St. Paddy’s day, but this was massive. A box, big enough to trap both me and Cloud was hung with a string tied to the doorknob. I swallowed. The second we closed the door all the way, it swung down. I managed to hop out of the way in time, but Cloud wasn’t so lucky.

“Crap!” he exclaimed.

I laughed. “Aunt Peri doesn’t like it when you use potty mouth.”

Cloud stuck his tongue out at me. “Just get me out of here,”


I turned my attention to the box. It seemed light enough that I could pick it up on my own, but it was HUGE. I wasn’t sure that I could lift it alone.

Shaking my head, I decided that it was worth a shot. As I strained, the box lifted enough for Cloud to crawl out.

Once he was out from under the box, we studied the room. There was the box, that we’d obviously have to fix, but other than that, there was no trace that we’d been there. But leprechauns always left a trace. Being agents of chaos like myself, they loved to leave behind messes along with their chocolate gold. I quickly got to work on leaving my mark on the house.

Cloud and I hurried as we tore decorations down and flipped over chairs. We both took a turn at throwing the chocolate coins into the air, leaving a glorious mess.


We thought we were done. But on the way out, I was reminded of our troubles with the leprechaun trap.

My eyes widened as I whispered at Cloud, “What about that? Leprechauns don’t usually touch the traps.”

Cloud frowned and shrugged. “Too late for that,”

Aunt Emma could return any moment now. We’d already taken a while leaving the mess and candy.

“I know!” Cloud jumped up, grabbing one of our discarded decorations. He quickly scribbled a note on it and stuck it to the box.


I took a closer look. “Can’t trap us, but good try!” It read.

I smiled. “Good thinking.”

We took one last glance at our handiwork as we locked up. I felt pleased, but I found myself eager to know how Emma reacted.

My mother dropped us back off at the Stone abode and we waited for Aunt Peri to get back.

“She loved it!” Aunt Peri exclaimed, scrolling through her phone.

Untitled design

She then showed us a video of Emma arriving home and seeing evidence of the leprechauns.

“They came!” she squealed. “This proves everyone who laughed at me wrong. They do exist!”

Untitled design (1)

It was hard to describe the jubilant look on her face, but I knew we’d made her happy. Something inside me tingled. This was why I loved making mischief. As much fun as leaving the leprechaun mess was, nothing topped seeing Aunt Emma’s joyful face.

I really hope you enjoyed that! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. That was so sweet of Mischief 🙃
    We don’t celebrate, but I hope you had (or are having; I’m not sure about the time there) an excellent St. Patrick’s day! 😁

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