Sparkles and Mischief’s Epic Prank War ~ A BABF Original Photostory

Hello friends! Happy April Fools Day! Do you want to hear about the bear’s events today?

Well, first you’re going to hear this announcement from me. Remember my contest? I’m officially extending the deadline! The new deadline is April 18th, so please email your entries to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com by that date!

Anyway, I remember I used to write such short photostories. Like, 500 words or less. This one is over 2,000…

Anyway, this is a story told by Sparkles. Enjoy!


After spending two April Fools Days’ with the self-proclaimed king of pranks, I’d had enough. Mischief wasn’t going to prank me this year. This year, I was going to out-prank him.

The task before me was intimidating. My brother extensively planned out his practical jokes weeks, sometimes months in advance. I only had a week. And I had big shoes to fill. I couldn’t just be his equal, for this prank, I had to be better.

I eyed my phone. This was too big a task for one bear alone. If I was to succeed, I was going to need some help.

I made a texting group between the seven Stone children and me.


“I need help,”

“With?” Sandy immediately replied.

“Pranking Mischief,”

All of the Stone kids agreed to help me. Now, we just needed to come up with the ultimate prank. It needed to be something that would blow all of Mischief’s pranks out of the water.

Throughout the next few days, we shared different prank ideas. I liked the ideas, but they weren’t up to par. Mischief had filled the dishwasher with dish soap before. I couldn’t just tie a bucket over a door.

Frustrated, I heaved a sigh. I only had two days to prepare for April Fools’ Day, and I still didn’t know what to do for Mischief.


I was the sort of person who liked making lists, so I figured I would start by writing my ideas in my notebook. Somehow, that helped my thoughts become more coherent.

Prank Ideas

·   Solid liquid

·   Bug breath

·   Bath time

I coded my ideas. It was a necessary precaution in case Mischief got ahold of my notebook, again. Brothers were such a pain sometimes.

“Ugh!” I sighed, throwing my notebook on the ground. “These are all too cliché!”


I stared at my discarded ideas.

Suddenly, a random idea popped into my brain. That might just work…

“Maybe…” I wondered aloud, hurrying to text my cousins my idea.

It wasn’t long before I got a response. They liked my idea! It was settled then.

I wouldn’t just do one epic prank for Mischief. I would prank him throughout the day! And, at the end of the day, I would do something incredible that he’d never expect.

I…just needed to figure that part out.

Preparations were made and soon the fateful day came. Today, the first day of the fourth month of the year, I would either shock my brother with my brilliance, or fail miserably. No pressure.


I made sure to wake up a little earlier than Mischief did. I snuck into the bathroom and stuffed a raisin into the tube of toothpaste I shared with Mischief.

A grin spread across my face. I had never pulled a real prank on my own before, and I felt a sort of malicious satisfaction wash over me. I couldn’t wait to see Mischief’s reaction. Was this how Mischief felt every time he pulled a prank? If so, I understood why he did it so much. Pranking was fun.

A blaring sound came from my brother’s room. Perfect timing. I watched as my younger brother sauntered into the bathroom. Patiently, I waited for Mischief to notice my prank.

I heard a chuckle coming from the bathroom. Holding the toothpaste, Mischief exited the room.


“I’ve seen this prank a million times,” he replied. “No offense sis, but you’re going to have to do better if you’re going to prank the king.”

I scoffed. He had no reason to emphasize that last part. But I didn’t mind that he ridiculed my prank. That was the idea, let him think I had already gotten my prank out of the way. By the time I was ready for my big prank, he wouldn’t know what hit him. I just hoped I could come up with a big prank…

Some time passed, and before long we arrived at the Stone abode. Since Mom had work today, that meant we were to spend the day with Aunt Peri and her kids. Which, for my plans, was perfect. I was going to need all the help I could get.

For the next set of pranks, I enlisted help.


“Mischief?” Cali asked. At age 6, she was definitely the youngest of our bunch, so she had a certain charm over those of us who were older. “Can you get me some water?”

Unable to refuse the innocent request, Mischief went right to do as his baby cousin asked.

Within moments, I heard a shriek.

We kids rushed into the kitchen.


“You scream like a girl,” Cloud teased his friend.

Mischief’s mouth pursed into a thin line.

“Who did this?”

He was still dripping with water.

“Well, what happened?” Cherry innocently asked.


Unimpressed, was the expression he wore. “What do you think?”

He gestured to the sink, complete with the rubber bands squeezing the faucet.

Like the raisin prank, it’d been overdone. But it was still a classic. There was nothing like watching your prankee soaked and shivering.

I raised my hand. “You’re welcome.”

Mischief shook his head, accidentally flinging some water onto the rest of us.

“Nu-uh. You were in the living room with me the whole time.”

“She had help,” Sandy interjected.

She and I shared a grin. This was even more fun than I’d thought it’d be.

“Ugh!” he scoffed. “You’ll pay for this.”

For once, I wasn’t scared. Even though I hated being pranked, I was starting to realize that pranks were fun occasionally. Whatever Mischief was going to pull, I was ready. Plus, I had a few more surprises up my sleeve.

Whenever Mischief pranked me today, I wasn’t going to be caught unaware. While I didn’t know what to expect, I knew to expect something. That was where I had the advantage. Mischief had already been pranked twice by me today. That was two times more than normal. There was no way he could prepare for what I was planning. Especially, since even I wasn’t sure what I would be doing yet.

Once we were free of school for the day, it was time to enact my third prank of the day. This one wasn’t a “classic” prank, but I was grateful to my friend who helped me think of it.


Mischief loved to drink lemonade. So, I decided to make him a pitcher to make up for my two earlier pranks. Only…this wasn’t your average glass of lemonade.

“Mischief,” I called, letting a sense of guilt seep into my tone. “I made you some lemonade.”

He paraded into the room. “Yes!” he took in the cold, refreshing drink. “I forgive you for the pranks.”

I nodded. “I appreciate that.”

Mischief lifted his glass to take a swig. Only, nothing came out.


“Huh?” he stared at the cup, in a state of confusion. The cup turned upside down when he tipped it upside down. “What is this?”

My lips curled up into a grin. “Jell-O,”

Mischief giggled. “That’s genius! Mind if I use that sometime?”

I shrugged. I wouldn’t be using it again. Stage one of my plan was complete. Now, to enact the final stage, stage two. It was time for the ultimate prank.

My preparations were complete. All I had to do was wait for the perfect timing. And come up with the perfect prank of course.

I rummaged through the things I’d brought today. To pass the time, I decided to read a bit of my book.


When I flipped the pages open, I noticed something strange. This wasn’t my book!

Despite the fact that the cover was identical to my book, the pages inside were to a completely different book.

Oh, that’s it! I thought.

You don’t mess with a bookworm’s book. I finally knew what the perfect prank was. In order to give Mischief proper payback, I needed to do something utterly diabolical. Something that would shock him.

An evil smile crept across my face. The idea that popped into my head was vicious, but it might just work. I felt a twinge of remorse over the ordeal, but after thinking of all the terrible pranks Mischief had pulled, I only became even more determined to do it.

I enlisted Sandy’s help for the despicable prank. She hesitated to agree, but I was able to persuade her.

The pieces fell right into place. This prank would destroy Mischief, and it would be the perfect revenge for what he did to my book.


I innocently wandered into the living room. There sat Mischief, alone, putting a piece of tape over the sensor in the remote control. I sat beside him, with a carefully crafted blank look upon my face.

Sandy came running into the room, hysterical.

“Mommy just got off the phone with the police!” she said, in between sobs.

I used my excellent acting skills to feign concern. “What happened?”

Sandy wiped her eyes. I had to hand it to her, she was putting a lot of effort into this performance.


“Your mom, she,” Sandy paused to let out a sob. “She’s been in a car accident.”

“Is she okay?” I asked, though I was soon interrupted by a hysterical Mischief.


“Mom?!” he said, thick emotion coating his voice. He began violently shaking his head. “She has to be okay…”

I let him wallow in his grief for a few moments before shouting, “April Fools!”

He stopped shaking, and the look on his face shifted from anxiety to anger. “That was a joke?”

The venom in his voice pierced my heart. I hadn’t meant for this to go quite so far.

“Well yeah,” I replied. “You always prank us, so I figured it was time to step it up a notch.”


“There’s a difference between what I do, and what you did,” Mischief slowly drew out his words through gritted teeth. “My pranks are intended to entertain, not lying to someone about their mother’s health!”

He was angry. I’d never seen my fun-loving brother so serious about anything before.

“Relax bro,” I made an attempt to calm him down. “I was only pulling a prank.”

“Don’t tell me to relax!” He shouted; his tone as sharp as knives. “That wasn’t funny. You don’t joke about such things!”

I glanced at Sandy, hoping my cousin would back me up. She returned my helpless look with a disappointed glance.

“I’m sorry for agreeing to go along with this Mischief. For the record, I thought it was a bad idea.”

I hung my head. Sandy had tried to talk me out of this. Never before in my life had I regretted a decision so quickly.


“I’m sorry,” I sighed. “I should have thought better of the idea.”

“You should have,” Mischief spat. “I’ve never pulled such an inconsiderate prank before.”

“Are you going to tell Aunt Peri?” Fear coated my throat and I could hear my voice waver. Aunt Peri was kind, but she wasn’t afraid to dish out punishments when necessary. Even I could tell that my actions warranted punishment.

“No,” came Mischief’s response.

Somehow, I wasn’t relieved. I swallowed. Mischief’s punishment might be worse than whatever Aunt Peri would do.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m not going to do anything.”

My throat constricted. The fear of not knowing how my brother would enact his revenge weighed heavily on me.

“I think the guilt of knowing what you’ve done is enough punishment,” Mischief decided.

Mischief was starting to sound just like Mom.

“I’m really sorry,” I said, my voice repentant.

“I know,” Mischief added, his face beginning to perk up. “I’ll just have to prank you extra hard next time. But I’ll be sure not to take it too far.”

My smile was weak, but it was genuine. “I won’t do anything like that again,”

Mischief nodded. “I know.”


“Ahem,” Sandy cleared her voice, reminding us of her presence. “I think we all learned a valuable lesson here today,”

Mischief wrapped his arms around my shoulders. “And that is?”

“Pranks are meant to be fun?”

“Pranks are meant to be fun. Very fun.”

What’d you think? Please give me some feedback on the story and photos. I’m wanting to improve my photostories, and I feel like I am a little.

Also, tell us about any pranks you pulled or fell victim to today! Mischief would love to know…

35 thoughts on “Sparkles and Mischief’s Epic Prank War ~ A BABF Original Photostory

  1. Wow, this photostory had so much emotions in it! I really liked it! I’m a horrible pranker, so I just ended up going ‘BOO!’ to people, and saying Happy April Fools Day, because I forgot it was April Fools, so I didn’t have any pranks planned. 😂 At my school, we broke up today for the Easter holidays, so I was only really thinking about today being a half-day. 😂 But, our teacher pranked our class (or, at least, me) by writing a schedule on the board, and then, at the very end, writing ‘Basic Skills Workshop for Everyone – 1:25pm – 4pm’ and since we were meant to be going home early, I got kinda confused. 😂
    (Sorry about this long comment. 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thank you! I’m so glad you liked it.
      Haha, funny! I didn’t have any planned, but I’m currently engaging in a few…heheh

      Ooh, that’s nice! So you don’t have school until Monday, LUCKY!
      Aw, that’s funny!
      (no problem…)

      Also, what did you think of the photos in this post?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem!
        Yeah! Actually, the Easter break is two weeks long, so I have until next next (does this make sense?) Monday! 🙂
        I really liked them! I’m really impressed how you made that little book for Sparkles, too! It looks like a lot of patience was needed to make it! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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