Dear Waffle, ~ Collab with D

Hello friends! Welcome to Collab Week! This is the first of 8 collaborations with other bloggers.

Today, I’m working with D, an incredible blogger who has a way with words. When I first came across her blog, I didn’t even realize she was a teenager because her blog was so eloquent! I’ve since grown to know her, and she’s a very kind friend to have. Make sure to check out her blog, Random Specific Thoughts!

In today’s post, Waffle received a letter from Mr. Pink Monk! You can read Waffle’s letter here, and I recommend doing that first.

Anyway, onto the letter!

Dear Waffle,

I was pleasantly surprised to receive your letter today morning! I hope your day is going great!

A little bit about me – recently christened Mr. Pink Monk by a friend, I’m over 4 years old and my hobbies include meditating, reading and bird-watching. I do agree with you on reading; it’s a lovely hobby!

That’s nice you got to go to the grocery store! I’ve only ever been in one and that was ages ago.

unnamed (2)

I woke up at 4 am and proceeded to meditate on life’s greater intricacies and ponder on the purpose of existence. I headed outside soon after, to greet the day which is when I saw your letter!
Reading your letter was definitely an amazing start to the day! You won’t believe what happened then – the cat pulled my tail! A monkey’s tail is its pride and honour and I was devastated by this show of unintentional cruelty on the cat’s part.

Anyways, I picked up a book to calm myself down and spent the better part of my day reading.

As the afternoon sun soaked my room in warm heat and bright light, I decided to go for a walk and spent some time in my natural habitat.

unnamed (1)

A few hours on my favourite tree in the sun surrounded by various critters was exactly what the doctor ordered – ahh, it was sheer bliss.

I believe it’s our beliefs that make us who we are. I believe in sustainable living, living in harmony with nature, love for all fellow creatures and oneness with the mind. What are your beliefs that define you?

I have had a lovely time getting to know you! Hope you write soon!

Your pal,

Mr. Pink Monk

Wasn’t that great? Don’t forget to stick around for the rest of Collab week!

Collab Week

Until tomorrow…

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