Birthday Shopping ~ A Mini Photostory

Hello friends! Welcome to day 3 of collab week. This post isn’t exactly a collab in where I work with another blogger, but, I do have a very special announcement that Liz asked me to share for her! You can find out at the end of this post…

Collab Week

(Candy’s POV)

April 5th, 2021


“Don’t forget to get your siblings a gift,” Mommy reminded me.

I groaned. It was almost the birthday season.

One of the pains of having so many siblings, was that there were so many birthdays. While I loved how much cake we had, buying presents was a nightmare. First there was Cali’s birthday on the 14th, and then the quad’s on the 24th. That was five presents in just ten days.


It wasn’t that I hated shopping. It was exactly the opposite. Shopping was one of my favorite pastimes.

It was just that I preferred shopping for myself instead of others.

As I set off my search for the perfect presents, I browsed some websites. Amazon, no, Wal-Mart, no.


I threw my computer. Ugh! There was nothing for my siblings.

Maybe…I’d spend a little time online shopping for myself.


The computer notified me of an email from one of our blogging friends, Liz.

“Ooh, an Etsy shop?”

I surfed the website until I found what I was looking for.

Untitled design

Abovebyliz,” the shop title read. The design was a pinkish modern design that calmed me to look at.

I looked at the listings. A digital portrait, no. It looked amazing, but I doubted Liz would be able to make one of my bear siblings.

Untitled design (1)

Ah! I found the perfect gift. A friendship bracelet! It looked beautiful.

“Ugh,” I thought. “It’s probably too expensive.”

That was my experience with Etsy. There were many beautiful hand-crafted gifts, but Mommy only gave me so much allowance and I usually couldn’t afford them.

But then I caught a glance at the cost of the bracelet. $3? That was definitely affordable. At that price, I could get a few! 

Hmm, that would be good for Sandy, Cherie, and Cali. I’d have to think of something else for Chip and Cherry, but I would worry about that later.

I added three bracelets to my cart, but I didn’t check out yet. First, I added another bracelet, for myself. It’s not like I could go without!

April 13th, 2021

“Candy! You have a package!” Mommy called.


I raced to see what it was. I loved getting packages. Opening up the envelope, I found the friendship bracelets I’d ordered.

As I admired the craftsmanship, I pictured my sisters’ reactions. I imagined Sandy would appreciate it, though she’d probably remark about how she could make one almost as good. Cherie would love the pink and purple colors I’d chosen. And Cali would squeeze me in a grateful hug.

There was an additional bracelet in the envelope. That one was mine! I tied it to my wrist.

It sure was beautiful.

After carefully wrapping the bracelets, I made sure to leave a nice review for Liz. That helps out Etsy sellers, so I didn’t want to not leave a review.

April 14th, 2021


Cali ripped into each of her presents. I impatiently waited for her to open mine.

“A friendship bracelet!” she gleefully announced.

I felt kind of warm inside. It was different from how I felt when I got presents myself, though similar. Cali was ecstatic with her gift.

Sandy elbowed me. “I want one,”

I winked at her. “You’re in luck!”


Cali loved her new bracelet. And I had a feeling that my other sisters would love their bracelets too.

If you didn’t catch that in the photostory, Liz started an Etsy shop! You can check it out at

While the bracelet featured in this post wasn’t made by Liz, she does sell bracelets for decent prices! And her digital portraits are amazing, I’ve seen them first-hand! Make sure to check her new shop out!

Also, I have an exclusive code for you all! If you want to save 20%, you can use BABF20. The first five people to use it between now and April 22 can get 20% off! Go check it out!

16 thoughts on “Birthday Shopping ~ A Mini Photostory

  1. Aww this was a super creative way to incorporate Liz’s shop into the photostory! I loved it! 💕
    Awesome work present shopping, Candy! I always wait til the last minute to present shop for someone’s birthday or Christmas, and I always regret it 😆 I need ample time to make sure I find the right gift!

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