Twin Telepathy III ~ Collab with Kaelyn

Hello friends! Today, I have a special collab with Kaelyn! Collab week is going incredibly well so far, and I’m really excited for the rest of it!

I’m very glad that I decided to replace BAB Takeover Week with just themed weeks. This is turning out amazing!

Anyway, we’ve done Twin Telepathy a couple times in the past. But…we’ve never done it with these two special guests! Silver and Amber are featured!

This is the first half of the collab. Then…we’re going to leave you all with a little bit of a cliffhanger until later today for part two! I hope you enjoy!


“Welcome to Twin Telepathy friends! I’m your host, Tyler Dyler, and I’ve hosted two Twin Telepathy challenges in the past. You can check those out here, and here. But anyway, today we’ve got two awesome sets of twins as our contestants!” Tye announced.


“Meet our returning champs, Rudy and Claire! Anything you guys want to say to our readers?”

“We’re excited to play this game with our friends!” the pair said in unison.

“Here are our newcomers, Silver and Amber! Do you two have anything to say?”

“Yes, I do have something to say. All I have to say is that we are going to WIN THIS THING”, said Silver.  

“Yeah, it should be pretty fun!”, said Amber


“I’m going to explain the rules. I asked Claire and Silver a set of ten questions earlier. Rudy and Amber have no idea what these answers are, so they will be guessing what the answers are. Whoever gets more right has a stronger Twin Telepathy bond! Let’s begin!”

“First question, What is your twin’s favorite book of all time?”


“Hm, Claire sure does love reading. I feel like this answer changes every day…” Rudy thought.

Claire subtly shook her head. Rudy shot her a confused glance before realizing what the answer was.

“I know!” he enthusiastically shouted. “The Bible! Of course.”

“Well Amber?”

“Oh, I know Silver mostly just likes  to read anything that is comic book, but your favorite one is The Amazing Spider-Man, right?, said Amber 

Silver yelled, “Yeah, sis you got it!” 

“Yep. Next question, What is your twin’s go-to thing when she is sad?”


Rudy gave Claire a hard stare. “Retreating into fictional worlds?”

Claire blushed. “Yup.”

“Amber, do you know what Silver’s is?”

“Silver likes to..”, said Amber stammering a bit, “to go outside for a walk when he is sad?”

“Oh no! I’m sorry, but that’s not true. He told me it was eating his favorite snack. Question three!” Tye enthusiastically announced. “Does your twin prefer video games or board games?”


“Board games,” Rudy quickly replied.

“You seem pretty sure about that. Why do you think that is?”

“Well, I know my sister. She prefers to use her computer time writing, so computer games aren’t really her thing.”

“He is right,”

“Well, let’s find out what Silver’s answer was!”

“IT’S VIDEO GAMES, specifically Mario Kart!”, yelled Amber. 

“Yeah, you got it, Amber!”, said Silver. 

“Moving on,” Tye interjected. “What is your twin’s favorite animated movie?”


Rudy looked puzzled. “Tangled?”

Claire shot him a sideways glance. “No!”

“Sorry dude, but her answer was Soul.”


“Maybe Amber will have better luck. Do you know what it is?”

“Oohh I know this one. Is it..WALLE?”, said Amber

“Awww no it’s Zootopia! We just rewatched it recently too”, said Silver.

“OOh that’s right, my bad Silver!”

“Almost to the halfway point! Time for question number 5, Rudy, what was Claire’s favorite year of school?”


“Probably…kindergarten? There weren’t any tests that year.”

Claire once again glared at Rudy. “That was your favorite year. Mine would be this year. I love not having to physically go to school.”

“Uh-oh! Rudy and Claire are quickly falling behind. Silver and Amber, can you get this one right?”

“Ohh, is it this school year at our school in FunTown?”, yelled Amber. 

“Yeah, it is! Way to go!”, said Silver.

Ooh, that sure was fun! Make sure to check back later today on Stuffed Stories for the rest of the collab!

Here’s the link to part 2!

19 thoughts on “Twin Telepathy III ~ Collab with Kaelyn

  1. Diamond, this was sooo much fun to read!!!! I LOVED IT!!!! Especially the part about Claire’s favorite school year was this one because of not having to physically go to school. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That was hilarious. XD Can’t wait for part two!!!!!!

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