Fashion Show with a Friend ~ Collab with Maggie

Hello friends! Collab week is coming to a close…but don’t be sad! We still have two incredibly fun posts for you!

Today, I had the pleasure of working with Maggie of Maggie’s Doodles! She is a cheerful, creative blogger who I really look up to. She recently got a Build a Bear of her own, who’s officially being introduced today!

I hope you enjoy: Fashion Show with a Friend!


The five Stone girls were gathered in their living room one fine Saturday morning.

“Why are we here?” Cherry fidgeted.

“I don’t know,” Sandy sighed. “Sparkles just told us to meet here.”


Cherie glanced at the fairy lights adorning the backside of the front door.

“I’m guessing that has something to do with it,”


Sparkles, hearing the commotion, peeked her head around the corner.

“I invited you all here for a fashion show,”


“I’m still putting together all my outfits, so give me a minute.”

Sparkles ducked away to finish assembling the clothing.


Sparkles began her fashion show, strutting down the aisle in a Diamond original piece.


She chose her sparkly gold glasses as an accessory.


Sparkles especially loves the unicorn face on the shirt.


“Hey! That’s my outfit!” Candy complained.

Sandy jabbed her younger sister in the side with her elbow.

“We share,” she hissed under her breath.


Sparkles was too busy changing to hear the commotion. Her next outfit was another Diamond original.


This outfit features denim pants, a T-Shirt, and a denim vest.


Who’s that friendly snowman? It’s Olaf!


This dazzling piece comes from the designers of Build a Bear!


This outfit, being Sparkles’ long lost sister’s favorite of the bunch, was also one of Sparkles’ favorites. She mostly just enjoyed pretending to be a fairy.




Sparkles looks very mature in this get-up! Designers remain anonymous, seeing as Diamond has forgotten where the pieces come from.


Here’s yet another Diamond original!


These overalls just scream summer to me. Sparkles can’t wait for summer because of Camp Happy Heart!


Sparkles decided to forego any glasses for this look.


This zebra vest gives Sparkles some rebellious vibes. It looks very different on her!


Sparkles models yet another Diamond original. This one is very elegant.


The photographers must really like this angle of Sparkles, because we sure have seen it a lot!


Last but not least, Sparkles looks beautiful in blue!


She took one more victory lap around the runway, but alas, the fashion show was over.


All of the girls gathered together for a photo! Don’t they look adorable?

Did you enjoy the fashion show? I hope so! Don’t forget to check out Maggie’s half!

Speaking of Maggie, I don’t know what the narrators were saying about a long lost sister…

Collab Week

Remember to come back tomorrow for the last day of collab week! And you can check out any you missed here.

Finally, don’t forget – our contest is nearly over! Tomorrow is the deadline, so make sure to get your entries in!


17 thoughts on “Fashion Show with a Friend ~ Collab with Maggie

  1. YAY! This fashion show turned out incredible, Sparkles and Diamond! 🤩💙
    here are some messages from Janet and Aurora:
    Janet: WOW SPARKLES! This was a beautiful fashion show and I loved each outfit so so much! 💞💞
    Aurora: oh you did such a wonderful job, sis!! You rocked every outfit (especially those Diamond originals! She’s a fantastic outfit designer!). Thank you for doing this with me!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I almost forgot the contest was ending tomorrow! I can’t wait for the results, and I can’t wait to see the winner’s story! (I’m sure it won’t be mine, and anyways I don’t like mine. 😂)
    As always, I LOVED this post! It’s so creative to have a fashion show photostory collab!!! 🤩🤩🤩

    Liked by 1 person

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