Force & Family ~ A Star Wars Sequel

Hello friends! Happy Star Wars Day and May the Fourth be with you! Do you like that featured image? Yeah, I’ve been experimenting with digital art. I like the one of Cloud, but idk about Cali.

Anyway, a few years ago, I made a Star Wars photostory. In the story, I left it open-ended. Therefore…I’ve been meaning to continue this tale! It’s been a while though!

If you need to catch up, please do so! My original story is…pretty cringey compared to this one though. Just keep that in mind. But, it is somewhat necessary to understand the plot of this story!

Basically, Darth Mohawk is the Sith Lord who runs the galaxy and Cali Moonflower recently discovered that she’s his Jedi sister…


(Cali Moonflower’s POV)

Copy of Untitled Design

I paced Candy’s ship. I hadn’t yet shared Darth Mohawk’s revelation about my heritage, but I knew it would be key to defeating him. I just didn’t know how.

I stared at the galaxy filled with stars. It reminded me how insignificant I was in comparison to space. I remembered staring at the same stars as a child.

Life used to be so simple. And now, apparently, I was a Jedi, just like the legends. This power was new to me. I didn’t know how to use it, and Master Chip hadn’t been able to train me. I swallowed.

I was no match for my brother.

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design


CH-3RY’s familiar remarks warmed my heart. I’d missed her.

So much of what Darth Mohawk had done made no sense. It was too easy. He kidnapped CH-3RY, and then I was just able to waltz in and get her back? I needed a fresh perspective.

Untitled design (1)

“Candy, there’s something I need to tell you,”

She nodded and listened attentively. The bounty hunter wasn’t much for words, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t give wise advice.

“Darth Mohawk, well, he’s my brother.”

“I just don’t understand why he drew me to his Star Destroyer. It’s obvious that that’s the only reason he kidnapped CH-3RY, but it just doesn’t make sense why he wanted me there…” I trailed off.

He wanted me there to shock me.

Somehow, he thought that finding out he was my brother would have utterly shocked me. He wasn’t expecting me to speak to a Master Jedi, and he hadn’t expected Candy to show up.

It clicked. His plan was simply to lure me to his ship and convert me to the Dark Side.

Copy of Untitled Design

But I was stronger than that.

“Did you figure it out?” Candy asked in her gruff voice.

I nodded. Now that I knew what he wanted from me, I knew how to fight him. I’d just have to give him a taste of his own medicine.

(Darth Mohawk’s POV)


“Ahhhhh!” I screamed, throwing my lightsaber across the room. Luckily, it wasn’t on, though I didn’t much care.

“She was supposed to come alone!” I screamed to my stormtroopers through gritted teeth. “Alone!”


Though I couldn’t see their expressions through their helmets, I sensed that every one of my troopers was afraid of me. 

“Good,” I thought. Fear was an excellent motivator.

“Find her!” I commanded. The troopers bowed to my command and disbursed, leaving me alone. I slumped to the ground in defeat. Today was a loss, and it was a big loss.


With Cali Moonflower by my side, I could have bent the entire galaxy to my will. But with her opposing me?

That was a frightening thought.

“Cloud,” I heard a detached voice call.

“I’m not in the mood.”


Though people thought the Jedi and the Sith had been eradicated long ago, that was clearly false. Other than my existence, there was still proof that the Jedi and Sith had never really disappeared. My weekly ghost phone calls with the past Sith lords were evidence of that.

“If your sister doesn’t join you, you must kill her…”

The whisper sent a chill down my spine. Cali Moonflower was my enemy, but she was also my sister. I wouldn’t harm her. I couldn’t. 

Could I?


I felt a familiar presence in the atmosphere. My sister had returned.

Sirens blared throughout the Star Destroyer, but I didn’t need them to alert me. My connection to the Force was enough to do that.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I sensed Cali’s emotions. I felt a confidence that I hadn’t felt on our last encounter.

I swallowed. 

What had she done?

(Cali Moonflower’s POV)

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design

I cocked my head to the side. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

The Jedi shifted underneath his robes. “Yes.”

This was it.

Untitled design (3)

Darth Mohawk was done wreaking havoc across the galaxy. His reign would end tonight, and I would make sure of that. Along with my secret weapon.

We docked our ship to the Star Destroyer. Since the landing was so smooth, I had to assume that either Candy was an excellent pilot or my brother had been expecting us.


The Jedi and I boarded the Star Destroyer. If I hadn’t been on this man’s side, I would have been as terrified as the cowering troopers. His commanding glare was enough to make even the droids clatter away.

The confident air the Jedi claimed was contagious. I found myself adopting his attitude in myself.


“Where is Darth Mohawk?” I demanded, clutching a trooper with my newfound power.

“I, I, I,” he stuttered.

I released my hold on him when I found what I was looking for.


Darth Mohawk.

“What do you want, Cali Moonflower?” he asked, stepping in between me and his troopers.


“See for yourself,” I smirked, gesturing towards the Jedi I’d brought along.

Darth Mohawk studied the man’s face and I watched the color drain from his face as realization hit him.

(Darth Mohawk’s Perspective)


No, it couldn’t be true.

Yet, his words confirmed it.


“Darth Mohawk,” he began. “My son.”

Disbelief surged through my veins. I didn’t have any parents. They died when I was born, or so I was told.

But there was a connection between this Jedi and me. I sensed it, just as I had sensed a connection with Cali. What did this mean?


And worse, if my father was a Jedi, had I chosen the wrong side?

Hehe, cliffhanger anyone?

I just can’t help it! It’s a logical ending point…and I’m not entirely sure how to continue. But, I promise I won’t make you wait 3 years for this one! I intend to continue this story next year…

I hope you enjoyed! Happy Star Wars Day everyone!

20 thoughts on “Force & Family ~ A Star Wars Sequel

  1. I only skimmed through the post, since it’s Star Wars, but it’s really cool! Happy Star Wars day 🙌
    And the graphic is super cute. I mean, Cali looks a tiny bit bulky, but still seriously cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. GAH! A CLIFFHANGER! AHHHHH! Next year is in a REALLY long time! I’ll be counting down the days! Oh and Happy May Fourth, Diamond, Darth Mohawk, and Cali Moonflower!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh, it is! But when you consider the other content I’ll be giving you all, I think you’ll be able to wait.
      May the Fourth be With you!


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