Cloud Saves the Day With His Awesomeness and Talent ~ Rayna’s Photostory

Hello friends! Today we have our winning story from our contest! Give a huge hand to Rayna for writing this story! *claps*

So I do own the photos in this post, but the writing belongs to her. I claim no credit to the story part.


“Mommy! I saw this amazing dress on Amazon. Can you get it for me?”
I grit my teeth as I saw Candy ask mom for a dozen things. Hadn’t she learned from the past? Sure she had been better than before last Christmas, but she was still a spoilt brat. I love her, but I can’t deny that.


“Hey, Candy! Cherie and I are going to visit Summer! You wanna come with us?” Cherry said, coming up to her excitedly.
Candy hesitated, then said, “Nah. I’m doing something important.”
“Must be so important,” I muttered. No one heard me.
“More important than visiting Summer? Huh, okay then. See ya’!” Cherry replied.


I pulled Candy aside. I was determined to make her forget money and clothes for a little while.
“Cloud! Where are you taking me?” she said. I could tell she was annoyed.
“Why didn’t you go with them?”
“Who? Oh, the twins? I told you! I’m doing important stuff.”
I rolled my eyes. “We both know that the important stuff you’re doing is window shopping, or whatever you call it.”


“That’s pretty important,” she replied.
“Okay, I didn’t pull you away to be all goody-goody. You know I hate that. I pulled you aside because I want you to have some actual fun,” I said, seriously annoyed by Candy by now.
“What? I’m having fun! Are you jealous or something?” Candy asked. How dare she?!


“No! It’s just that you keep asking for things and well…you forget about actual people. Summer may be hurt by the fact you didn’t want to visit her,” I said, a little surprised at myself. I usually don’t go all deep.
Candy looked a little hesitant, but then she said, “well, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I do want to visit her, but I’m bust. Besides, I’m having a perfectly good time on my own, thank you very much.”
I sighed and went back to watching the new Marvel movie. I knew how stubborn Candy could be.


The next day, Claire came over. I was surprised not to see Rudy, but she said he had a special track run that day. Since most of my sibs’ were busy, I decided to hang around her. Somehow the conversation came to my talk with Candy yesterday.


“Hmm… I do know what Candy is like. I have an idea. In the writing world, we’re always told to ‘show’ and not ‘tell’. It means instead of straight-up saying that “oh, she was sad”, you can show she was sad by writing she was crying.”
I nodded. This was making sense.
“Maybe…maybe you should show Candy that there are better things than money and things?”
I grinned. “That’s actually a pretty awesome idea, Claire! I may know just the right thing to do.”
She raised one eyebrow – or tried to anyway. No one can raise their eyebrows as good as me!
“Care to tell me?” she said. “Or do you insist on being mysterious?”


“The first option is so tempting…but I’d rather just be mysterious,” I said, smirking.
She hung around for a while, goofing around with me. Once she left, I went around and told everyone about my plan.
This was going to be something…


That evening, the others and I started our plan. When Candy came around, I said, “hey, Candy! C’mere once.”
She approached me, looking wary. “Don’t start spewing that ridiculous stuff you were telling me yesterday.”
I held my hands out in peace. “I’m just wondering if you have any money. 50 dollars should be good.”
What? Why?!” she exclaimed.


“I need some important stuff. That’s all. I was sure you’d give me money. The others are just too greedy!”
I could tell she was confused. Greedy isn’t a word you can use to describe most of us with.
“Since when do you ask for money, Cloud?”
“Ever since I wanted an Xbox, a phone, a scooter, and..” I went on, telling her stuff off the top of my head.
“Uh.. no. Definitely not,” she told me.
I sighed and went to Chip. I could feel Candy’s eyes on us as I pretended to ask for money from Chip. I hid a smile as she half-gasped, having seen Cali following mommy around, asking for a new toy.
Candy finally marched up to me and Chip.


“Tell me what’s going on!” she demanded.
Chip and I exchanged a glance, before I spoke, “well, shouldn’t I be following your footsteps, Candy?”
Her forehead was creased. “What the heck do you mean?!”
“I mean, you’re older than me, and I decided I should follow in your footsteps. Just like that old movie, The Lion King.”
She rolled her eyes. “First of all, in The Lion King, Simba follows in his father’s footsteps. And second, I meant why are you going around asking everyone for money? And why is Cali doing it too?”


“Oh, but I know you’re asking me about that. I am following in your footsteps this way!” I said, trying to look innocent.
“What do you mean, Cloud? Ugh!”
“Don’t you always do this?” I said.
“What? Ask for money? As if,” she replied with a snort.
This was Chip’s cue. I waited.


“Uh…Candy, you do that quite often, I suppose,” he said.
Candy looked genuinely surprised for a second.
“I.. do?” she asked.
I was confused. Did she not know that she does this? Smh, of course she does. Then what?

Luckily, Chip kinda took control of the situation. “Candy, you may not realize how often you do ask for things, but we do. It can get pretty annoying when you ignore us for that stuff.”


Candy thought about it for a while, then said, “I…I guess it was annoying when Cloud kept asking me.”
“Annnd?” I said, impatient to get this over with.
“And I suppose I can try and get along with you guys better..” she continued.
I grinned, glad to see her say that.
“But no promises! You guys are pretty annoying” Candy told us, half-laughing.
The three of us started joking around, and – to my pleasure – I could see Candy – the real Candy – return after years. After a while, Candy told us she was going to visit Summer. “It’s been a while since I met her,” she said, gathering her things. 


Later, Claire and Rudy came over. Claire made straight for me and asked about how it went with Candy.
“It was awesome, and all thanks to me too,” I joked.
Claire punched me on the arm and went to chat with Cali and Candy. I smiled as I – not-very-shamefully eavesdropped.
Candy did bring up shopping a couple of times, but I could see she was trying. I caught her eye once, and she winked.
Candace Sunshine Stone is back!
For now, that is….

Wasn’t that adorable? I was having such a hard time trying to decide on a winner, but when I saw this I just knew this would be perfect for my bears. It was so cute and it even had a moral!

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