A Photoshoot by the Campfire

Hello friends! Today we have a photoshoot by the campfire. I wasn’t sure who to feature, but I figured why not feature the Campfire Crew! Enjoy this little photoshoot!

(My editing skills are improving)

Untitled design (7)

This photoshoot was a lot different than my normal ones. I mean…the bears almost caught fire!

Untitled design (8)

Kidding. It’s all editing. But I did have to experiment with the lighting.

Untitled design (9)

I’m really happy with the way these turned out!

Untitled design (10)

These three girls love sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows.

Untitled design (11)

It’s also fun to sing around the campfire.

Untitled design (12)

Or perhaps telling spooky stories is what these gals are doing?

Untitled design (13)

Yeah, I think spooky stories is the way to go. Do you guys know any?

Untitled design (14)

These two certainly look a bit spooky in this photo.

Untitled design (15)

During camp, the girls grow close. Side effect of spending so much time in one group.

Untitled design (16)

I feel like I’m terrible at captioning these..probably because I have so many other posts to make during camp. I suppose I’ll cut myself a break.

Untitled design (17)

The end! I hope you enjoyed those photos. I think they turned out pretty well. Tell me how you’re enjoying camp so far in the comments! Tomorrow we have registration forms.

32 thoughts on “A Photoshoot by the Campfire

  1. I hope I have caught up on all your lovely photoshoots and the tremendous effort you have been putting to get them out consistently, you truly are a dedicated person, always keep shining!

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