2021 Registration Forms + Graphics

Hello friends! Today, I have registration forms for Camp Happy Heart!

You don’t need to fill these out in order to participate in camp, but it’s still fun!

Here’s a welcome letter that you can fill out for your campers.

The counselor registration form is perfect for all prospective camp counselors.

For campers, here’s your form!

These forms don’t need to be sent in anywhere, they’re just for fun. However, if you print them out and fill them out for you or your stuffies/dolls, I’d love it if you emailed a photo to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com!

You can print these forms out as they are, or you can size them down to your preferred size. Have fun with these!

Also, I made some graphics for camp! Feel free to share these anywhere you like, just link back here. (totally not asking for promotion or anything, haha)

You’ve probably seen this in the featured image because we’re currently in week 1! But I made one for each week, and I’m pretty happy with the results. Also, there’s no way I’m making a featured image for every post. That would be 45 featured images!

Week 2 – The Food Festival

Week 3 – Fictional Fun

Week 4 – Bear Bands

Week 5 – Party Like It’s 2021

Week 6 – Bear-lympics

Week 7 – H2O Happiness

Week 8 – The Great Outdoors

Week 9 – Reflections of Camp

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed these forms, and I hope you’re okay that this was a bit of a more relaxed post. 45 posts in 2 months is hard guys! Anyway, tomorrow we have an overview to our contests!

18 thoughts on “2021 Registration Forms + Graphics

    1. I’m not feeling a ton of pressure about it. I’m excited to get these posts up! And due to my preplanning during my hiatus, I don’t even have to touch my computer until June 15th, and you guys will still get a post every weekday!

      I appreciate that though! Just know that I’m not stressing myself out over this too much.

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