The Great Stuffie Bakeoff

Hello friends! Today I have a VERY fun post for you all…a bakeoff!

With this post, I wanted to go back to my roots and begin with the photos. That’s how I used to to photostories, but now I’ve shifted to mainly writing first.

Also, I didn’t edit these photos! Because…they look fairly good and I did NOT feel like editing 70+ photos for today. Enjoy!


“Welcome to the Great Stuffie Bakeoff! I’ll be your host, Berry Blueberry!”


“Meet our judges, Summer, Treasure, and Starburst! Anything you three have to say?”

“I’m really excited to try all the food!” Summer grins.

“Free food!” Treasure yells.

“Good luck to the participants,” Starburst adds.

“Wonderful! Also, we randomly selected our teams. We have four teams of five campers. Let’s meet them now!”


“Our first team consists of Theo, Mischief, Claire, Sparkles, and Cherie. Do we have a team name?”

“How about…The Pranksters!” Mischief blurts.



“Our next team has Cherry, Gracie, Tye, Petal, and Waffle. I hear you’re a budding chef already, right Waffle?”

“I suppose,” Waffle blushes.

“Wonderful! What is your team called?”

“How about…The Polka Dots?” Cherry decides, earning a glare from Gracie.

Cherry looks helplessy around. “I’m not good at being put on the spot…”

“The Polka Dots it is! “


“Moving on, we have our next team, Chip, Swirl, Cali, Candy, and Rudy! This team has an advantage starting out because they have a large workspace. But don’t worry, each team will get an advantage of their own.”

“Can we be called The Dreamers?” Cali asks.

“I don’t see why not. I present to you, The Dreamers!”


“Last but not least, we have Oswald, Stella, Cam, Cloud, and Sandy!”

“Ah yeah! You saved the best for last!” Cam shouts. “Can we call ourselves ‘The Best’?”

Angry chants erupt from other contestants.

“Um, I don’t think that’s very nice. How about…’The Hard-Workers?'”

Cam groans, but nods in agreement.

“There you have it! Our four teams, The Pranksters, The Dreamers, The Hard-Workers, and The Polka Dots! Only one can win, but who will it be?”


Anyway, here are our four recipe books! Whoever get’s here first (aside from The Dreamers) can receive the advantage of having a laptop!


Tye rushes to the laptop.

“Score!” he celebrates.


“Now, it’s time to select your mixer. The Pranksters and Team Hard-Workers will each send a representative and whoever gets here first can snag this lovely stand mixer! Ready, set, go!”


“Oswald wins the stand mixer for The Hard-Workers! Hurray!”


“This means that The Pranksters get the last advantage, selecting the ingredients first!”

“There are four categories to choose from. Fruit, protien, carbs, and extras. Pick one item from each section.”


“So The Pranksters, what ingredients did you pick?”

“We got dough, tomatoes, bacon, and watermelon,” Claire responds.


“Alright, what ingredients did The Polka Dots pick?”

“We picked hot dog buns, hot dogs, and an apple. We kind of erm, forgot to pick out our fourth ingredient…” Waffle explains.

“Oh no! Do you need to change something?”

“I think we’re actually okay…”

“Okay. I’ve talked with the judges and we just decided to leave things how they are. Good luck!”


“Alright The Dreamers, what did you guys pick?”

“Tomatoes, bananas, pasta, and chicken.”


“Finally, The Hard-Workers, what did you get?”

“Well, I just picked everything that was left. Which was an orange, bread, tuna fish, icing, and peanut butter. I didn’t realize we got two bonus items.”


“Wonderful! I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.”


“These ingredients will be ‘free’ for all contestants to use. Get started!”


“So, what do you think The Pranksters will be cooking today?”

“I think pizza,” Sparkles mumbles.


“Yes! Watermelon pizza!” Mischief says, warranting a shove from Theo.


“And what do you guys want to make?”

“Well, um, hot dogs,” Waffle sighs.


“How about The Dreamers? What do you guys wanna cook?”

“I feel like maybe spaghetti?” Candy ponders.


“What about you guys The Hard-Workers?”

“We have a lot of ingredients. And we do have a lovely cupcake cookbook, so perhaps we can make cupcakes and sandwiches?” Cam decides.

“Well I shall let these kids get started! I’ll check back later.”


“Ugh!” Swirl sighs. “This magazine only has sweet treats!”


“Oh well,” Chip groans. “Spaghetti isn’t that hard to make.”


“Spaghetti and chicken doesn’t go very well together,” Cali notes. “It definitely doesn’t pair with bananas.”


“Well, we got this awesome advantage of this laptop, but we don’t really need to look up recipes for hot dogs,” Tye sighs.


“Oh boy,” Waffle groans. “Hot dogs? Really?”


“My culinary talent is being wasted…”


“Let’s divide up tasks,” Sparkles instructs.”


“I’ll chop up the watermelon,” Cherie volunteers. “Though it will be hard with this spatula.”

“Well, we can’t exactly give sharp knives to you kids.”


“Guys, I found an orange cupcake recipe!” Oswald announces.


“Perfect!” Cam shouts. “We’ll definitely win because we’re the best!”


“Uh, yeah,” Cloud says with a sense of hesitancy. “But what about peanut butter and tuna fish sandwiches?”


“I guess we need to get some ingredients for our cupcakes,” Oswald walks up to the judge’s counter.


“Okay, let’s put everything together and get it mixed up,” Cam bosses.


“No, no, no!” Stella yells, before the boys make a fatal mistake. “You have to take the flour out of the package!”


“We’re going to lose because you two are the biggest idiots in the galaxy,” Stella complains, referencing a favorite film.


“I can’t believe we got stuck with the fork to mix things up,” Gracie complained. “This will be so hard.”


Waffle gives her an incredulous look. “We’re making hot dogs. What are you going to stir?”


“I need to knead!” Claire giggles. “Puns, am I right?”


“Um, guys?” Chip began. “I think we have a problem. How are we going to cook this pasta?”


“Ew, ew, ew!” Cali shrieks. “Raw chicken is disgusting.”


“We can bake your dishes for you! I will take them all to the kitchen and cook them for you as long as you tell me how long.”


“Two minute warning!” shouts Summer.

Treasure licks her lips hungrily. She can’t wait to try the dishes.


“Okay perfect,” Gracie decides, placing the finishing touches on the plate.

Waffle still sulks in the corner.


“Ahh!” Mischief screams. “The pizza is undercooked!”

“What can we do about it now?” Cherie sighs.


“I think we’re good,” Cloud decides.


“Wait!” Stella calls, her perfectionist side coming to play. “I need to finish frosting the cupcakes.”


“They’re fine,” Sandy reassures. “Besides, the unfinished one can be for us.”


“Yeah! Cupcakes for the winners!” Cam brags.


“Not gonna lie guys, this doesn’t look very appetizing,” Rudy sighs.

“Well, what can we do?” Chip agrees. “We don’t have a lot of time.”

Almost as if on cue, Berry then announces,


“Time’s up! Campers, lift your hands.”


The dishes were lined up in front of the three judges.


“These look scrumptious!” Summer compliments.


“Eww, you’re feeding us that? Disgusting,” Treasure remarks.


“I can’t wait to try these,” Starburst calmly adds.


“First up, we have spaghetti and chicken!”

“It looks…unique,” Summer comments.

“Um, try disgusting!” Treasure adds.

“I’m sure it’s fine,” Starburst reassures.

The judges each take a small bite, keeping their faces expressionless so not to betray their emotions.


“Next, we have hot dogs.”

“A true American classic!” Summer cheers.

Treasure said nothing, but displays a disgusted look upon her face.

“It looks very nice,” Starburst comments.

Like with the prior dish, the judges all take a small bite and move on.


“Our third dish is watermelon and pizza.”

“Ooh, um, great job!” Summer smiled.

“Great job on making something look even worse than the first two dishes,” Treasure rolls her eyes.

“It looks fine,” Starburst glares at Treasure.

Though the judges try to remain expressionless, a bit of disgust creeps into their features.

“I…think this was a little undercooked,” Summer sticks out her tongue.


“Finally, we have peanut butter and tuna fish and cupcakes!”

“Well the cupcakes look delicious!” Summer raves.

“Yeah, but peanut butter and tuna fish?” Treasure wrinkles her nose.

“Oh, let’s just try it,” Starburst decides.

The judges try a sample and then huddle together to discuss their feelings.

“Can The Pranksters come up?” Summer requests.


“This team tried hard, but in the end, the pizza was just a bit off. A+ for effort though!”

“Next, can we have The Dreamers come up?”


“The Dreamers made spaghetti and chicken, which wasn’t bad, but it simply wasn’t as good as the other dishes.”

“Can The Polka Dots come up next?”


“While you guys made the best meal you could, hot dogs simply don’t measure up to the cupcakes The Hard-Workers made. Great job though!”


“That of course leaves The Hard-Workers! While tuna fish and peanut butter generally wouldn’t be very appetizing, the fact that two of the judges were cats helped you out. Also, cupcakes are always a good choice!”


“Yes!” Cam exclaims. “We are the best!”


“I’d like to thank my team. I might have done a great job leading them, but I couldn’t have done it alone! Everyone did fantastic of course, but my team did better than everyone. We won!”


“Uh, Cameron?” Starburst asks. “Can you please not stand on the table?”

Cam looks around rather sheepishly and does as he’s told.


“”Wonderful! Now who wants to help clean up this mess?”


“Oh alright. You campers have earned a break I suppose.”


Waffle sits alone, while other campers celebrate together.


“You okay bro?” Theo asks, knowing his brother is upset.


“Yeah,” Waffle sighs. “I just wish I could have done better than hot dogs.”

“You can always cook something else later,” Theo reminds.

Waffle nods. He’s already planning his next dish.


“Thus ends the Great Stuffie Bakeoff! We hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more Camp Happy Heart coming up tomorrow!”

P.S. Tomorrow we’ve got a photoshoot planned for you!

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  1. That was a really fun photo story! Congratulations to the Hard-Workers! (Also, loved the Guardians Of The Galaxy reference)

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