A Warm Afternoon’s Picnic

Hello friends! Today I have a picnic themed photostory for you all! I did a picnic themed post a couple years ago, but this has a bit more of a plot.

I struggled a lot with this post. Fun fact, I actually had all the posts but this one done through the end of next week before I announced my return to this blog! I put this one off for a bit because I couldn’t think of a plot. Then, when I finally decided to write this post, some events happened in my life and I was hit by severe depression. I’m still not really recovered.(at least, not at the time of writing this post. I doubt it will be much better when you all read this)

Anyway, I don’t want to get all into my problems. Basically, I was supposed to get a much needed break, and that didn’t happen. So much of Cam’s feelings in this story about not wanting to be at Camp Happy Heart are my own. Ummmm, yeah! I hope you enjoy!


I glumly followed my cabinmates outside. Today, we were having a picnic outside for lunch instead of eating in the mess hall like normal. It seemed like a nice idea, and the weather was perfect for the occasion. It was warm, but not hot. A few stray clouds decorated the light blue sky, but they weren’t the gray angry clouds that resulted in thunderstorms. The tree branches bristled from the light force of the wind.

Despite the lovely weather, I wasn’t excited about the picnic. It seemed fun, but I wasn’t even supposed to be at Camp Happy Heart.

The past few summers, I’d begged my mom to take me to boot camp.

“Next year,” she always said. I was trapped, never knowing when I would actually go.

Until last year that is. I remember the scene vividly.


Stella and I were gathered around the kitchen table with my parents. A lime green birthday hat sat atop my head. Balloons and streamers adorned the room. The reason for the decorations is because it was my birthday.

My parents surrounded me with wonderful gifts. I felt gratitude for the things, but I mainly felt honored that my family was so thoughtful.

I began by opening my card. I’d always been taught that it was polite to open your card first. Anyway, inside of the card, I noticed a certificate.

I read over the words several times before fully understanding what this meant.


“You mean,” I stuttered. “Does this mean?”

My mom beamed. “Your father and I talked about it, and you will almost be in middle school by next summer. You’re old enough to go, and I know you really want to go.”

My excitement rendered me speechless. I couldn’t wait to attend boot camp!

Fast forward to six months ago, when we met the Stone family. They invited us to Camp Happy Heart, and my mom changed her mind about boot camp. She requested a refund, and my hopes were crushed. There went my dreams…

Stella was glad I’d come to camp with her. Even though she was making friends, it was still hard for her to be away from Mom and Dad. I was glad that I could be here for her, but still…I was supposed to be at boot camp.


“CAM!” Rudy’s thunderous voice pulled me out of my trance. “WHERE DO YOU WANT TO SIT?”

I flinched. “Do you have to be so loud?”

Rudy shrugged. “I only asked you like five times.”

“Sorry,” I looked at my feet. “I was thinking of other things.”

Remembering the question, I added, “I don’t really care where we sit.”


The counselors had laid a large purple checked blanket atop the grass. There was plenty of room for all of us. I merely followed Rudy as he sat beside Cloud’s crew of friends.

We gathered around, and listened as Mischief told an amusing tale of him putting fake spiders in The Bold Butterflies cabin.


“You should have seen the looks on their faces!” he said, unable to breathe through his laughter.

I let out a small laugh. Mischief did tell his story with such conviction that it was hard not to be entertained.

I took a deep breath. I supposed such shenanigans wouldn’t be allowed at boot camp. It wouldn’t be quite as fun there.

But still, I couldn’t help but feel let down. I couldn’t help but think about what might’ve been. Going to boot camp could be so helpful for my dreams of joining the army.


Berry carried a basket filled with fruit. I selected half an apple myself, and the rest of my friends picked fruit as well. We chatted as we ate, talking about nothing important.


Time passed and then it was time for our main course. I chose a burger and chowed down.


We continued to chat. Over time, our groups intermingled, and before long, we had mixed together with all of our friends.

I looked around. I hadn’t known these people very long, yet I felt an attachment toward each one of them. They were my friends, my family even.

Suddenly, I was feeling much better about my mom’s decision to send me to Camp Happy Heart. While I’m sure I would have still made friends at boot camp, it would be different.


I sat beside my sister.

“How are you enjoying camp so far?” I asked her.

She managed a small smile. “I don’t know,” she replied. “I’m glad you’re here though.”

“Me too.”

Join us next week for Fictional Fun!


16 thoughts on “A Warm Afternoon’s Picnic

  1. Aw, it is so sad that Cam was feeling that way. I hope he enjoys his time at Camp Happy Heart ❤️

    Also, I hope you are fine, Diamond!

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