Movies Under The Stars


Hello friends! Today, we’re going to talk about some of our favorite movies. Mine is Tangled, but I’m sure you can all guess that! Let’s get each cabin up here and then the campers can tell us about their favorite movies!


Tye: Oh, so many to chose from! How about Indiana Jones?

Cloud: It’s pretty easy for me to narrow it down. Obviously A New Hope.

Theo: I like video game movies. Kinda like Ready Player One.


Chip: I like The Hunger Games because it’s about survival.

Mischief: Despicable Me!

Waffle: Ant Man.


Cam: Hm, I think I like Captain America The First Avenger the best.

Rudy: I mean…Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is amazing.

Oswald: Fantasia.


Sparkles: I love Lord of the Rings!

Claire: Since my brother already said mine, I suppose I need to choose another to avoid repetition. Oh well, I do have many movies I enjoy. I’ll pick…A Muppet Christmas Carol. Because I have to stick with the Christmas theme.

Cali: Enchanted.


Stella: Guardians of the Galaxy...isn’t it obvious?

Cherry: Big Hero 6!

Sandy: The Wizard of Oz. What a classic!

Petal: Coco has pretty great music.


Swirl: It depends based on my mood! Right now I’m going to go with Toy Story!

Candy: I don’t know. Harry Potter or something.

Gracie: Beauty and the Beast!

Cherie: How about Cinderella?


Those certainly are some fantastic movies! Now, we’re going to have a double feature!

Untitled design (22)

First up, we have Wreck-It-Ralph.

*approximately 1 hour and 48 minutes later*

Untitled design (21)

Now it’s time to watch Captain Marvel!


The campers sure enjoyed sharing their favorite movies with you all! Tell us about your favorite movie in the comments!

Also, keep an eye out for tomorrow’s photoshoot!

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