The(o) Hunger Games ~ Life at Camp

Hello friends! Today I have a little story for you about Theo! Now, Theo isn’t exactly thrilled to be at Camp Happy Heart. He would much prefer maybe a gaming camp? Anyway, here is his story about reading!


“I just want some Wi-Fi, is that too much to ask?” I shouted.

Camp Happy Heart was not turning out to be very enjoyable for me. Which was to be expected. I’d even begged my mom not to make me come. But alas, my protests were in vain. Here I was, alone in the wilderness with no Wi-Fi and no electricity to charge my Nintendo DS. Er, I suppose I wasn’t alone. Though, that would have been preferable to my introverted nature. Camp Happy Heart had nineteen other campers, not to mention the counselors and staff. If that wasn’t bad enough, I was stuck in a cabin with two other people. People!

I rolled my eyes when Counselor Peri replied to my desperate plea for Wi-Fi.


“Remember? We have Wi-Fi on Wi-Fi Weekends! Throughout the week, you just have to make do with the great outdoors!”

I almost wanted to vomit. That was such a cheesy answer.

Plus, the “great outdoors” kind of sucked.

“Anyway, I hope you three are excited about our activity today!” Counselor Peri reminded us. “We’re going to read!”

Reading sounded almost like it could be fun. It wasn’t so different from video games. But what I wasn’t looking forward to was the social aspect of it. While reading is a solitary activity, we would be reading in a group. There would be distractions, like the bristle of shuffling pages, giggles, comments made to friends, and the absolute most disgusting, the other kids might lick their fingers to turn the page. I shuddered. For some reason, I’d always been disgusted when people did that. I was not looking forward to reading in a crowded environment.

I coughed. “I can’t, I’m sick.”


Counselor Peri placed the back of her hand upon my forehead. “You don’t have a fever. Do you want to go see the camp nurse?”

I violently shook my head. If there was one thing I hated more than groups of people, it was doctors. All the tubes and needles…ugh.

“I’m suddenly feeling much better!”

Counselor Peri gave me a knowing look and then glanced at her watch.

“We’d better head to the Main Hall! It’s almost time for lunch,” she announced.

My stomach growled, so I didn’t complain. Lunch was something I actually was looking forward to.


I was content as I wolfed down my hamburger. Berry was a talented chef. I’d have to get her to give Waffle some pointers before we went home.

But lunch was over far too soon. The tables were cleaned and books replaced our plates of half-eaten food. I hastily grabbed the first book I could see. It was a great way to send the signal that I didn’t want to be bothered.

I focused my eyes on the words written on the page. I sighed. Gaming was so much better than reading.

Suddenly, my eyes caught a glimpse of my favorite word, “games.”


I did a double-take and then checked which book I had picked.

“The Hunger Games,” the cover read.

“Huh,” I thought. I’d heard of that series, but I’d never actually given it a try. “Well, if I have to read anyway, I may as well try this out.”


I began to read the words in the book. Within seconds, the world around me transformed into the world of Panem. I gaped at the dome surrounding me as I stood atop a podium.

I anxiously looked around as I saw 23 other kids standing on the podiums.

I waved to the nearest girl. “Hey, where are we?” I whispered.

Untitled design (18)

She gave me an incredulous look.
“Are you dumb? We’re in the Hunger Games.”

I swallowed and an uncomfortable feeling washed over me.

“What do we do?” I squeaked.

“Seriously?” the girl groaned, shaking her head. “Okay, just follow me.”

At that moment, a siren blasted through the arena and the girl took off running in the opposite direction from the other kids. Instinct told me that anyone getting away from a big group of people was someone I could trust. I followed her into the woods, away from the combat in the center of the arena.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Goodness, it’s like you didn’t even complete training! Did the Capitol really send you out here like this?”

I shrugged. I had no idea what the Capitol was, so I didn’t know how to respond to the girl.

“I’m Theo,” I muttered. As much as I despised conversations, I figured it was a good idea to have someone on my side. An ally, a friend, if you will.


Untitled design (19)

I held out my hand and she returned the gesture. I was glad because I knew utterly nothing about what I had gotten myself into.

Over the next few days, we scavenged for food and tried to stay safe from the other tributes (as I soon found out the other kids were called). It was challenging, but together we remained relatively unscathed.

The other tributes weren’t so lucky. The competition had been cut down to just four competitors, myself and Katniss included.

There could only be one winner, but I didn’t want to think about that.

“We have a special announcement!” a booming voice echoed from the speakers around the arena. “This year’s Hunger Games is officially over and a winner has been declared!”


Untitled design (20)

I blushed, glad that I had won.

“Theo?” the voice repeated.

I glanced around at the scenery around me. The foliage began to fade into the faces of my fellow campers.


“Theo! It’s time for free time,” I finally recognized the voice of my brother Waffle.

I rubbed my eyes. “How long have I been reading?”

“A few hours. That must be some book.”

I nodded. “It actually is.”


I tucked the book under my arm.

“I think I’ll go back and read during free time,” I announced.

Waffle nodded. “Have fun.”I eagerly dove back into my book. I couldn’t wait to know how it ended. Maybe reading was the perfect thing for me to do during Camp Happy Heart. Sure, it was nothing like my games, but it was very stimulating and enjoyable.

Wasn’t that cool? Reading sure can be adventurous. Tell us about your favorite book in the comments and we will see you for Bear Bands next week!

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