DIY Drums

Hello friends! Today I will be showing you how to make a set of drums for your bears.


You will need cardboard, duct tape/washi tape, a pencil, and scissors.


You’re going to start by tracing the tapes on your cardboard. I did four smaller ones and two bigger ones.


Cut out your circles…


Cover these circles with tape.


Next you’re going to connect the circles with the same tape.


Add the two smaller ones on the top…it kind of looks like either an alarm clock or Mickey Mouse.


Cut out some cardboard for a base, and tape it together.


Ta-da! There are the drums!

Remember that if you make these you can send a photo to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com for a chance to be shown at the end of camp! I’ll see you guys tomorrow for Bear-e-oke.

12 thoughts on “DIY Drums

  1. That’s a quick but cute idea! I might consider making these for Willy but I’m pretty sure I can’t find duct tape if my life depended on it🤦
    (Ignore me as I continue to spam all your posts)

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