Hello hello friends! It’s time to kick off water week! For today’s post, I’ll be introducing the craft contest!

The rules are simple, follow one of my tutorials under the tag “craft”. (here’s the link!) It can be any craft on my blog, not just one of the camp related ones.

Then, you’re going to email a photo of your craft to me at worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com or post a photo on your blog and pingback this post. I will be randomly picking a winner.

If you’d like a better chance at winning, you may make multiple crafts. For each different craft you make, you receive one entry.

But what do you win?

The winner will be receiving a blog critique by me. I will review certain aspects of your blog and tell you what I think you can do to improve. I’ll also tell you what I think you’re doing right. The goal of this critique is not to tear you down, it’s to honestly tell you what I think you could be doing better.

If you don’t want a blog critique, then we can work out another prize too. So don’t let that discourage you from entering! I can’t wait to see how your crafts turn out!

Also, I’d love to see more reader photos or experiences in my inbox! Any photos or writings you send me about your stuffies(or you) experiencing camp will be posted in an end-of-camp celebration! Just send them in to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com or post them on your blog and pingback me!

P.S. See you tomorrow for a pool photoshoot!


14 thoughts on “CRAFT CONTEST

  1. This sounds fun. Unfortunately, I’m not good at crafts:( all the best to all of those who are participating and to diamond! I hope this goes as you have planned!

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