A Day At Camp ~ Life at Camp

Hello friends! Today, Oswald is going to show you guys what a typical day here at Camp Happy Heart looks like!



Good morning guys! It’s a bit early. Counselor Teacup hasn’t even come to wake us up yet, though she’ll probably be in soon. It’s probably seven something.

I like to sleep in, but some of my cabinmates(a.k.a. Cam) like to get up early and exercise. He falls back asleep really easily, but I don’t! It’s a little annoying.


“Wake up kids! It’s time to get dressed and ready for the day!” Counselor Teacup announces.


After Teacup leaves, we get dressed and make our beds. Well, Rudy and I make our beds. Cam usually directs us, since he’s the “drill sergeant”


Breakfast time! Today we had eggs or bacon. I had one egg, and Rudy had bacon. Cam had two eggs because he needs to “bulk up” for the army.


Once we finish breakfast and socialized for a little bit, it’s time for morning announcements. Counselor Peri gave them today.

“We’re so excited to have another day to be at Camp Happy Heart! A quick reminder that it’s supposed to rain this afternoon, so there will be no swimming during free time. Make sure to keep track of your things! The lost and found is getting very full. Our daily event today will be a watermelon eating contest, and tonight we’ll watch a movie.”

“The chore assignment for today will be as follows: The Campfire Crew is in charge of cleaning the mess hall, The Bold Butterflies will clean the bathrooms, The Super Adventurers will gather trash, The Cheerful Ladybugs are on dinner prep, Stellar Scouts and The Nature Explorers have no duties today.


The second she finishes with announcements, we dash outside. Dotting the sky are a few dark clouds, but they won’t bother us yet. We branch off into two teams, boys against girls, for a friendly game of basketball.


Tension runs high as the game progresses. Currently, both teams are tied, and I have the ball. It’s the last shot of the game, I can feel it. Outdoor play time is nearly over. I know I need to make my shot.


Out of nowhere, my pesky big sister swoops in and tries to steal the ball. I fight hard, but…


She manages to swipe the ball and makes a basket.


Congrats to the girl team!


We all took a group photo, because it really is just about having fun.


Next, it is time for crafts. Today I wasn’t interested in the craft so I just drew a little tree.


After craft time, lunch is served. I choose a delicious hamburger. Yum!


Time for our watermelon eating contest!


I eat quickly, but Mischief chows down even faster.


Mischief is crowned champion of the watermelon eating contest! I’m just a little disappointed.


Luckily, we don’t have chores today. My friends and I go back to my cabin for a rousing game of Uno.


It appears we all decided to gang up on Cloud. Look at how many cards he has!

(Chip won, if any of you wanted to know)


Before free time ends, my sister Petal forces me to listen to her play the guitar ten times. She’s nervous about the camp talent show, but she sounds great!


When free time ends, I write in my journal. I also write a letter to my mom, which feels weird because she’s here at camp with me. But I don’t talk to her all that much during the day, so it’s still fun to write her.



“I’m having fun at camp. But you know that. You’re here. Tell Petal to stop bugging me about her guitar so much.”

“<3 Oz”

And my journal entry,

“Dear Diary,”

“Today haz been a real fun day. i played basketball but the girls won. 😦 i drew some & that was cool. we had a watermelon eating contest and I ate a lot! I feel kinda sick now. I also played cards with my friends.”


We have spaghetti for dinner. It’s very yummy.


After dinner we watch The Little Mermaid. It’s great for H20 week.


After a long fun-filled day, it’s time for quiet time! Er, supposedly.

Cam’s version of quiet time consists of doing as many push ups as possible. We cheer him on excitedly. Today he gets to 25.




“Boys!” Teacup scolds, less than pleased. “It is time to be quiet and go to sleep. Please don’t disturb the other campers!”


We were quiet after getting in trouble. I take a little time to reflect on my day. Then I fall asleep, ready for tomorrow’s events.

Camp Happy Heart is a lot of fun! We have a bunch of days like this. I’m very glad to be here.

What’d you think of my post? I’m kinda new to this…

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