Nature Hike ~ Guest Post by Liz

Hello friends! Life’s been a bit hectic the past few days, so I haven’t been able to complete some of the posts I was planning for this week.

BUT, that’s okay and here’s why! Liz agreed to do a guest post for me, and her idea was actually something I was wanting to post anyway! So now there’s a huge weight off my back, and y’all get an awesome nature hike themed post.

So basically, thank you so much Liz!

Hello everyone!!!!! My name is Kipper! Spelled with to P’s in the middle, an R at the end, an I before the P’s, an E after the P’s and before the R, and a K in front of it all! Now, in case you don’t know me, I am a kangaroo! I like to bounce, hang out with my besties, Izzy and Butter, and I love love love nature! 

I like seeing everything that God has made! He has a hugemougous imagination to create… um, everything! 

Anyways, we (me, Izzy, and Butter) took a long trip outside to the nature walk! I thought I’d take you along, I’m sure you’re just bouncing to see all the pretty plants!

First we stopped to see the watermelons! Izzy managed to climb on top of one! Of course she did stand on my head to get up there… and climb on all the leaves… and fall a lot. But that’s besides the point! I love eating watermelon, especially in the summer! YUM!!


Then we walked over to one of the tomato plants!! I love eating tomatoes too, Butter doesn’t like them, but she sure enjoyed climbing up the vine! My favorite are the Sun Gold ones! Yummy! 


Then we were walking to some flowers when I saw these bootiful leaves! THEY ARE SO COOL! They remind me of bouncing so maybe that’s why I like them, but I think they might be my favorite leaf. 


Then Butter loved the flowers and she wanted a selfie with them. So, of course she took a selfie!


NEXT WAS THE BIRD FEEDER! It’s not a plant or anything, but it’s blue. Liz’s sister painted it. We all managed to get on top! Haha! After that we fell off from laughing so hard at Butter’s eyes! Izzy’s antennas were right in front of Butter’s eyes! 


The sunflower plant was amazing! It was so tall! Me and Butter just climbed up a bit! Imagine climbing the whole thing, you’d probably reach the sky!!!!!


I love these flowers! I even put one in my pouch!!! I wasn’t allowed to take it inside though, it makes Mother sneeze! 


We passed by the mint so Izzy snapped a quick picture before she started sneezing! Silly Izzy forgot she’s allergic! 


Right before we went inside Butter took a picture with the lavender. Isn’t lavender just so pretty?! 


That concludes our nature hike! I hope you enjoyed seeing all the pretty plants and flowers! I certainly did! Have a bouncy day!


P.S. from Diamond: Stay tuned for another exciting guest post tomorrow!

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