Outdoorsy Photos ~ Guest Photoshoot by Kaley

Hello friends!

Apparently life has been really busy for me lately, but the guest posts keep coming! This one comes to you from Ms. Kaley a.k.a. The Little Novelist!

She mentioned she had some stuffed animals…and I tend to have a way of getting other bloggers to make stuffie posts…so she offered to do this guest post and I couldn’t refuse!

This is only a portion of the photos she sent, but I figured the rest would be good for the recap at the end of camp.

OH REMINDER: Send in any camp experiences/photos to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com! I need them by July 27th!

One more thing before Kaley’s post, we have a winner for the craft contest! The randomly selected winner is.















Screenshot 2021-07-22 11.38.06 PM

Liz! It’s fitting really, because out of 12 entries, she made 7 of them. Congrats to Liz! I’ll contact you about your prize.

(All the entries will be shared for reader photos!)

Screenshot 2021-07-22 11.38.16 PM

(Proof that I put everyone’s name on the wheel)

(Not that I’d lie about that)

(That’d be weird)

Anyway, take it away Kaley!


Nature hike! Poor Shamra had to chase her sister and Tasha up a tree.


Fruit Loop tried to hide, but her colors wouldn’t let her blend in.


Glamoura and Leona decided to try the swings at the playground they passed.


Shamra caught this pic of a rose.


Shamra told them not to roll in the grass but…


Another pic Shamra caught.

The end! Kaley did a great job and I love her stuffies already! (sure you can’t fit a stuffie blog into your schedule Kaley?)

Tune in next week for the FINAL week of Camp Happy Heart 2021!


12 thoughts on “Outdoorsy Photos ~ Guest Photoshoot by Kaley

  1. Cute stuffies!! I have the same stuffed animal that you (Kaley) named Fruit Loop, except I just used the name on the tag, which is Dotty.

    Liked by 2 people

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