Adventures at Grandma’s House {Summer 2021}

Hello friends! So, I’ve been at my grandma’s house for the months of July and August! I of course brought the bears and took photos of them. (You may have noticed different backgrounds in some of my posts. This is why!)

Anyway, here are the photos I took of them! As you can see, we had a blast.


Here was where the bears stayed while I was at Grandma’s! On top of the dresser. As you can see, I brought Stella, Petal, Sandy, Mischief, Cherry, Cloud, Sparkles, and Chip.


My grandma suggested that I make a small quilt for my bears. Because I’d expressed interest in making a quilt before, but I’m not sure if I want that much committment.


I love the fabric.


Ta-da! Wasn’t that the fastest you’ve ever seen a quilt made?


Sparkles loves her new quilt!


Speaking of sewing, I found some fabric at Jo-Anns and it was too adorable not to buy! I love the colors.


I made Mischief a vest and pants, and a dress and shirt for Sparkles.


I also made a BABF shirt. It looks so cool and I’m really glad I have my own “merch” now.


Grandma and I found these little jar cover things, I don’t know what they’re called. She was getting rid of them and I thought…they look like little hats!


We also did some scrapbooking. More crafts!


Another thing Grandma was getting rid of, mini Apples and Apples cards! Aren’t they cute?


Another fun find! Remember how I was talking about going on a trip while at my grandma’s? We stayed at a hotel and I found this little bottle of lotion for Sparkles.


Sparkles is tired…do not disturb!


On the way back, Sparkles stuck her nose in a book like the bookworm she is.

I suppose that’s all the photos I have for you all today! I always have a great time at my grandma’s house.

Also, don’t forget to vote in the CHH logo poll! Also…maybe keep an eye out for a week of fun starting…soon?


11 thoughts on “Adventures at Grandma’s House {Summer 2021}

  1. Ooh, visits to Grandma’s house are always so exciting!! I love the quilts you made!! Ahh, that shirt!! I need it!!!! You really need to sell babf merch, Diamond!!!💫

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  2. That’s a beautiful quilt! Honestly, I wish I could sew better. For some of my stuffies and doll crafts that I do, I always have to ask my sister to help. (Or rather do the whole sewing part for me.) Well, it looks like you guys had a blast at Grandma’s house!

    Lol, I always love finding the mini soap and lotion bottles at hotels! There was one time I found a whole collection!! But the next day, it was all gone. (Guess who took it…) *backs into corner suspiciously*

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