A Peek Into My Backpack ~ Back to School Week


Hello friends! ‘Tis I, Stella. As you can probably deduce from the title of this post, I will be showing you what is in my backpack.


I like my backpack. It’s just a simple teal chevron print. And it holds all my books.


It only weighs about a thousand pounds, so it’s not at all hard to carry. #5thgradeproblems

I don’t like to wear it much because it does hurt my back.


The first thing I have in my backpack is my phone. I can’t use it during class, but I do get to use it after. It comes in handy when my mom is running late.


Next I have my little pencil case. I think it just looks simply adorable.


Inside, I have two pencils, an eraser, and a couple colored pencils.


Next my textbooks. I hate how heavy they are. But at least they have cute covers.


Here’s my calculator. It’s a lifesaver!


Then we have my laptop. It’s supplied by my school, so I can’t really use it for fun. But it’s okay.


I have my planner here. It’s good for me to write down any assignments I have.


I have some colored pencils.


Here are the books I have for school. One is for history, and the other is for science.


I also use this binder to keep track of my notes and assignments. It gets messy a lot.


Finally, my lunch box. I take my lunch to school rather than buying it. It’s good to save money.

I hope you liked seeing into my backpack. It was fun to show you.

Come back tomorrow for a homework photostory. It’ll be fun.

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