Too Much Homework Photostory ~ Back to School Week

Hello friends!

Today I have a photostory for you all! I feel like everyone can probably relate to this…

Anyway, this is told by Tyler’s POV, so enjoy!

“Class dismissed,” Mrs. Johnson announced.


Relief seeped into my body and my shoulders relaxed. Today sure was hard.

Finally, it was Friday. Friday meant that my first week of middle school was officially over. 6th grade was determined to kill me. At least, that’s what it felt like. I had more classes and homework than I had time. Which meant that I had no time to spend with my friends all week.


Before I was even out of the school halls, I was already texting my friend Chip, “Wanna hang out tonight?”

I waited for his reply, but then I saw the familiar purple Jeep my mom drove. I hopped in the front seat since that was now allowed at my age.


“How was school today?” she asked.

“Rough. Can I go over to Chip’s today?” I asked hopefully.

“Only if you get all your homework done first.”

“All?!” I exclaimed in disbelief.

In elementary school, I didn’t have homework on Fridays. And even during the week, I only had about an hour’s worth. This year, I had way more. And lucky me, the teachers assigned more on the weekends. More! When were we kids supposed to have fun?

My plan was to do all the homework on Sunday. Procrastination was my best friend. But I’d come to learn that my mom was always right. Meaning, if she said to do my homework today, I’d darn sure better get it done today.

“If you want to go to Chip’s house, you need to finish all your homework first,” Mom commanded.

I sighed. No rest and relaxation for me.

“Actually, make that tomorrow,” I replied to Chip. 

There was no way I was getting through all this homework tonight.


As soon as I got home, I sat at my desk, pulling out all the homework I had.

I groaned when I saw everything in a pile. Worksheets from math, a science project, a short essay about what I did this summer, a book to read a couple chapters of, a collage from art, and a few pages to review in my history textbook didn’t seem like a lot individually, but together? It was overwhelming.

“Well Tye,” I spoke under my breath. “Let’s start with the book.”


It wasn’t a particularly big book, and I did enjoy reading. I just wished I could be reading a different book. But I sucked it up and read. I managed to finish that in only about a half-hour.

“What next?” I wondered, peering over the different subjects I had homework in. The math worksheet only had about 10 problems on it. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?


Wrong. Pre-algebra was not my strong suit. My brain felt like it was going to explode at the introduction of letters into math. I stared at my scratchpad until I nearly went cross-eyed.


My mom came into the room, an apron tied around her waist. I knew she must have been in the middle of dinner.

“Everything alright?” she asked.

I thrust out the nonsensical pages. “Since when did math use letters?!”

She took a look at the problems, then placed the page back in front of me.


“It’s not as hard as it seems,” she explained. “The thing you need to do is isolate the variables. If you get the letters by themselves, then you’ll know what they are equal to.”

“I’ll try,” I sighed.

My mom went back to the kitchen, leaving me alone with the math. I tried out her method.


It wasn’t easy, but it worked. I repeated the method until all ten problems were complete.


For a second, I relaxed. But then I saw that the stack of completed homework was still a lot smaller than the incomplete homework. I heaved a sigh. Time to get back to work.

“Dinnertime!” I heard my mother call.

Homework would have to wait.


Dinner seemed like too short a break. But time to get back to the daily grind. This time, I decided to work on my essay.

“What I did this summer,” I wrote. 

I tapped my pencil to my chin. What did I do?


“I attended a summer camp, Camp Happy Heart. I had a wonderful time there, hanging out with friends and learning new things. I swam nearly every day, strengthening my body. I also read some new books enlightening my mind. When I came home from camp, I rode my bike and swam some more. I saw my camp friends again and prepared for school to start. I feel that I’ve had a fun and productive summer.”

I read over my paragraph again. That seemed good enough. I only needed one paragraph, and I threw in a few big words for good measure. It would have to be good enough.

I wanted to work on my art project, but I knew I needed to do my other projects first. I’d save the fun stuff as a reward.


I looked over my science project. All I had to do was mix baking soda with different substances like vinegar and water and record the reactions.


In the kitchen, I carefully measured out the different substances and poured the baking soda in. I jotted down a few notes of the reaction.


Once I was done, I yelled to my mom, “There are some dishes in the kitchen for you to wash!”

What? I know it sounds bad, but if she was making me do all this homework, she got to do the cleaning up.


Finally, I just had homework from history and art. I opened the history book, trying to focus on the words on the page. My eyes strained. Who was the king? Henry VI or Henry VII? Perhaps even Henry VIII. Ew.


Maybe a few moments of resting my eyes would help.

The next thing I knew, sunlight assaulted my eyes. Was it morning already?


The crick in my neck told me I hadn’t just dozed off for a few moments. It must be at least 7.

I really wanted to get all my homework done last night so I could play the weekend away.


The only way to go to Chip’s house was to finish my homework. So I re-read my history pages. To be honest, I didn’t understand it much more than I did last night, but I did read it this time.

My stomach rumbled. Before I got to my art project, I would have to snack on some breakfast.

I grabbed a muffin from the kitchen and found some magazines. The photos I cut out were all in the same color scheme. I thought they looked very nice together.


The art project was by far the most enjoyable piece of homework I had. I even found myself losing track of time.

Mom came into the room. “Didn’t you want to go over to Chip’s today?”


I nodded, abandoning my art project. It was done anyway, I just had been adding a few finishing touches.

“So how was your homework?”

“Exhausting,” I replied. 

“You’ll get used to it,” Mom reassured.


I shrugged. “I hope so.”

I already couldn’t wait for the school year to end.

Okay, well Tye’s certainly glad to be done with his homework! Do you guys have a lot of weekend homework?

Make sure to keep an eye out for the school photos tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “Too Much Homework Photostory ~ Back to School Week

  1. *Gasp* I LOVE Algebra!!!! But, you know, different people (or stuffies), different personalities. I also recently started 6th grade. No lockers this year. 😦
    I currently have like 5 more assignments to do or something. So I should probably get back to that. I have to do remote school this week, but I’ll be back in-person soon. I’m on break, btw. I feel like I have sooooo homework to do, but compared to Shivani, I have like two pages (We go to different schools). Wait, this comment is kinda long. Maybe I’m just making it longer to not do my homework. Okay, I have to go. See ya.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wowwwwww lucky! I wish.
      Heh, you’d probably better get those assignments done…
      Ohh interesting! Aren’t y’all the same age though?
      XD Thanks for commenting!


      1. Haha…… I guess. But hey, I’m not as good at creating camps for stuffed animals as SOME people!!
        Yes. I got them done. I actually was allowed to get them done today, but I didn’t know that. At least now I have less schoolwork, though.
        Yes, Shivani and I are the same age, but we go to different schools. We actually used to go to the same school, but for second grade, we both transferred to schools with academic stuff for our level. I actually switched schools AGAIN for 3rd grade because I got an opportunity to go to a school with lots of resources, and for my grade, it fills up quickly, so that’s why I moved again.
        Aaaaanyway. Yeah.
        Ofc!!!! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, poor Tyler. I can definitely understand the difficult transition from elementary to middle school, but I’m sure he’d get used to it sometime! (He hasn’t reached the high school level math yet, so he’s gotta brace himself 😅😂)

    Loved this cute story! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. *guiltily shoves aside page-long list of assignments* heh they weren’t joking when they warned me about junior year
    On a different note, good job on finishing your homework Tye and I hope you had a great time at Chip’s house 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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