Aftershock S2 Episode 4.5 (An Aftershock Halloween)

Hello friends! Welcome to Halloween week!

To kick off the week, I’ve got a Halloween themed episode of Aftershock. This episode is not important to the plot, but it’s still fun. I know Aftershock’s got a lot of fans on the blog…so hopefully this will be enjoyable for all you guys.

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Onto the episode!

(also, this episode is multi-POV! Lauren’s perspective is in normal and Tori’s is in italics)


Pumpkins and candy filled the aisles of the local supermarket. A chill began to cool off the afternoons. Pumpkin spice and cinnamon scents lingered in the air wherever you went.

It was officially Fall. And nearly Halloween at that. 

I resolved to make it the best Halloween ever for Teddy. Though, that would be easy enough. He’d confided in me that his previous Halloweens consisted of getting stale candy from social workers. This year, I wanted to go above and beyond to make this a truly unforgettable holiday.


“What do you want to be this year for Halloween?” I asked.


Teddy simply shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. I’m too old to go trick-or-treating anyway.”


I wagged my finger at him. “Nonsense! You’re never too old to have a bit of fun.”

He gave me a weak smile. “At this point, Halloween is just another day. Same as all the other holidays.”

“This year’s going to be different,” I slyly grinned.


We began by selecting our costumes. One day after school, I drove Teddy to a pop-up Halloween store.

“You can pick anything you like,” I grinned.

Teddy didn’t seem excited. I resolved to fix that.

“Well, would you like to help me pick mine first?”

He gave me a puzzled glance. “Adults don’t dress up.”


“This one does!” I smiled. “What do you think?”

I held up a witchy costume.


A smile reached the corner of Teddy’s mouth. “You’re too nice to be a witch. What about…this one?”

He held up a princess costume.

I tried it on, making sure to model the gown for Teddy.


“I think this is a very lovely choice. Now, what would you like?”

He impishly smiled. “What about a superhero costume?”

Giggling, I replied, “Great idea.”


Finally, the big day came. I baked pumpkin pancakes to celebrate. Teddy and I donned our costumes, and then we left for school and work. I couldn’t wait for tonight. This really was going to be the best Halloween of Teddy’s life.

When I picked him up from school, his face was jubilant.


“We had a Halloween party today! I got some candy already, look!”

I smiled as he shoved a handful of candy in my face.

“Oh wow!” I gasped. “And that’s not even with trick-or-treating!”


He grinned. “I can’t wait! When can we start?”

I looked around at the still-bright sky.


“I mean, we have to wait until after dinner. I picked up some butternut soup from work. Does that sound good?”


He nodded. “However will I wait until after dinner?!”


“I think you probably have some homework you could do…”


“Are we really going to respond to this?” Pyro glowered.

Though I usually disagreed with the volatile pyrokinetic, this was one time when I didn’t.


“I guess,” I rolled my eyes. “We get a lot of these. They all end up being false alarms. But I don’t want to be the one to tell Mr. Man that we failed to respond to a mission.”

“Good point,” Andy added. 


I inputted the coordinates into the navigation system and waited for the plan to touch down.


Once homework was completed, dinner was eaten, and the sun was beginning to set, it was time to trick-or-treat. We started out in our apartment complex, but most people didn’t have any candy to give out.


Teddy glumly dragged his mostly empty treat bag along the ground.

“Hey, we’ll have more luck in the neighborhoods,” I reassured him.



I took his hand and led him into a nearby neighborhood. I was determined not to let anything spoil this Halloween for him.

Almost all of the houses in this neighborhood had porch lights illuminating their front doors – the universal sign of having candy to give out. We knocked on various doors, receiving pieces of candy in return.


Teddy looked weary as he knocked on a bright blue door.

“You okay?”

He nodded. “Just tired.”

I pursed my lips. We’d have to get home soon. But…we hadn’t been gone long enough for him to get this tired. Something else was up.


A kind woman came to the door. She wasn’t wearing a costume, but she did have a large bowl of candy in her hands.

“Hello, dearie!”



Teddy suddenly looked scared and started shaking. It wasn’t obvious enough for the woman to recognize, but I was Teddy’s mother. As soon as we were done at that house, I confronted him.


“What’s going on? I know you’ve been sleeping well. You shouldn’t be this tired.”


“So much water…” he groaned.

My heart dropped.



My eyes dropped to his costume. I didn’t see his pin anywhere.

“Teddy,” I scolded. “Where’s your pin?”


He shook his head.

“I wanted to be normal for just one night.”


I held Teddy.

“Oh honey…”

I knew the feeling. But we weren’t normal. Taking off his pin was dangerous. If anything would’ve happened…

Halloween. The time of year that LoS received the most false super sightings. Some people were so gullible that they really believed kids dressed as supers had powers. I groaned when Baby announced our first mission of the night.


“An elderly lady reports a child super went trick-or-treating at her house. She claims he flooded her house.”

The three of us disembarked from the plane. We didn’t bother trying to make ourselves inconspicuous. Turns out, two spies in combat gear and a super didn’t seem unusual on a night when people painted their faces green.

I broke off from Andy and Pyro. They were scouting the area, and I would go interview the woman who called.


“Hello?” I asked, knocking on her door.


“Oh! Hello dear. Would you like some candy?” she held out a handful of candy.

“Oh no. I’m here about that phone call you made. Can you tell me why exactly you think the child was a super?”


“Of course dearie. He didn’t actually do anything, but all the faucets in my house came on when he came by. I could barely get one of them to turn back off!”

I nodded, but mentally I was complaining. Had we really gotten called out here over a senile old woman forgetting to turn off her faucets?

“And what did the boy look like?” I inquired.


“He was dressed as that superhero…oh you know. The one that’s an insect.”



“That’s the one. And his mother was in a blue dress.”

“Alright. Got it. Thank you for alerting us,” I said that last part with a lie on my tongue.


“Have a nice night dearie!”

“You too,” I sighed.


I met back up with the rest of my team. “It was a false alarm.”

Then, I saw a mother and child running through the neighborhood. It didn’t look particularly suspicious, but something did seem off. I squinted. Their costumes matched the description from the old woman.

I gasped.


“Follow them!”

Andy gave me a puzzled glance. “But,”

I interrupted him. “They’re the reason we’re here!”

We took off running, desperate to catch these two.


I heard the roar of a familiar engine.

“Oh no…”

“What?” Teddy wondered.

“LoS!” I whispered. “We’ve got to get out of here.”

I could see that Teddy was afraid. I knew he needed time to calm down, or we’d risk exposing our presence.

“Okay, we’re going to stay here for five minutes, and then we’re going to run back home. Okay?”

He nodded.

“Deep breaths.”


We sped back to the house. Without looking back, I felt the heavy presence of my old team chasing us.


I couldn’t let them catch us. I didn’t know what would happen if they did, but I certainly didn’t want to find out. Nothing good could come of it.

I let Teddy speed ahead. If they caught me, they caught me. I could probably come up with a believable lie.

My pulse slowed when our apartment building came into view.

“Phew,” I breathed.

If we could get in the building, we would be safe.



My heart raced. If this was a super, we had to catch him. The world wouldn’t be safe if we didn’t.

We were gaining on them. Though I had to admit, they were fast. It was pretty incredible to be faster than a team of trained spies.

That only confirmed my suspicions. No ordinary mom and child could run so fast.

I gulped when we got to an apartment building. If they went in there, we would have no way of knowing which apartment belonged to them. We had to catch them before they entered.

We were tired, but now that safety was possible, we had to keep going. We were so close!

I heard boots slapping the pavement. They were getting closer…too close.

Teddy raced to the door and quickly opened it. I wasn’t far behind.


We closed the door behind us and slumped on the other side. In between heavy breaths, Teddy celebrated.

“We did it!”

I nodded, sweat dripping from my forehead. “Now don’t do that again.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,”

I ran as fast as my legs would take me. The kid opened the door and my heart sank. We were too late.


As the mother entered the building, I caught a glimpse of her face.

Was that?

No. There was simply no way. It couldn’t be Lauren.

I threw my fist up in the air.


“What now?” Pyro asked.

Deflated, I replied, “There’s nothing we can do.”


Andy placed his arms around my shoulder.

“If they really are supers, we’ll catch them. We always do.”

I hope you liked that one! Join us tomorrow for a fall themed house tour!

Copy of Halloween

P.S. The next episode is already up!

22 thoughts on “Aftershock S2 Episode 4.5 (An Aftershock Halloween)

  1. This was my first time reading an Aftershock episode. I read the rest of them, too. There should be an Aftershock series on Netflix!!!!

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  2. THAT WAS SOOOO GOOD. My favorite part of the whole season! This really sparked my emotions! Such good writing and making us care about the characters AND introducing the perfect conflict to make our hearts sink 😍

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