Fall House Tour

Hello friends! Welcome back to Halloween Week!

Today is more of a fall-ish post. I know not everyone celebrates Halloween, so I wanted to sprinkle some non-spooky posts in there. Today, I’m going to be showing you the BAB house and its fall decorations! I recently redecorated and added a couple rooms.


In the “attic,” we’ve got the new room for the boys! It’s pretty simple, just their beds and a nightstand.


Also, there is a dining room! I’m glad that the bears finally have a place to eat.


The kitchen is mostly the same.


I have some fall decorations though! I love this sign I found at Hobby Lobby.


The girls’ room has been redecorated. I added new wallpaper!


Also, I have this rose gold pumpkin. I think it’s adorable.


Treasure’s room.


I changed up the living room a little. I added the bookcase, and of course some fall pillows.


I also added some new wallpaper! I was tired of the black background.


I’ve got some flowers for decor.


The master bedroom.


Finally, the bathroom.

Copy of Halloween

I hope you liked seeing the new decorations! Join us tomorrow for a stuffie photostory collab!

8 thoughts on “Fall House Tour

  1. Aah, I absolutely love this, Diamond. I can’t say what part is my favourite because I love it all – it’s amazing how home-y you can make such a tiny space. I’m obsessed!

    Liked by 1 person

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