A Halloween Masquerade ~ Collab with Maggie

Hello friends! Today, I’ve got a collab for you!

Maggie and I decided to do a stuffie ghost collab! You can read her post here.

Anyway, we swapped plots for our collab, so she came up with this idea!

You will be first reading from Waffle’s POV, and I’ll let you know when you switch to someone else’s POV. Heh.

I hope you enjoy!


Halloween costumes of years past lay on my bed. Baker, spider, superhero…no. This year I wanted something new, but also traditional. I wanted to impress my new friends.

But I was running out of time. Indecisiveness had already cost me days of trying and failing to decide upon my costume. The costume party was tonight. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to pick something, and I had to pick now.


I grinned when I caught sight of my white bedsheet. I finally knew exactly what to dress up as.


Chatter filled the air as I led Theo into Stone’s house. Though we weren’t late, many of our friends were already there, talking and laughing amongst themselves.


“Can we go home?” Theo whined.

Sometimes I forgot that socializing was much harder on my brother than it was for me. I felt comfortable striking up a conversation with someone I hadn’t met yet, but Theo still wasn’t comfortable within this group of friends we’d met in the spring. I squeezed his hand through his costume.


“It’ll be alright. We’re only staying for a couple of hours.”

Theo paled at that comment. I hoped he’d make a friend someday. 


“Waffle!” the ever-energetic Swirl raced up. “Or at least, I assume you’re Waffle since you and Theo came in together. Technically your costume conceals your identity. I thought about dressing up like a ghost this year, but I liked this unicorn costume better. I love the color pink! It’s so pretty. I-”


“Hey Swirl,” I interrupted. I didn’t like to interrupt my friends, but Swirl would talk forever if left to her own devices. 


Sandy made her way over to us. “Welcome to my costume party!”

“Our party!” I heard Chip yelling in the background. 

“Ignore him,” Sandy continued. “I’m your host tonight. There are snacks and refreshments in the kitchen, and we’ll play some games later on. If you need anything just let me know.”

“Thank you for having us,”


“Can we get some food?” Theo asked me.

I nodded. “If you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go check out those snacks. I’m sure they’re delicious.”

Sandy blushed. “Thank you,”


As we walked into the kitchen, we were greeted with pleasant aromas. I grabbed a cookie for myself, and a popsicle for Theo.

“Try to have fun, okay?” I nudged him. “I’m going to go join the party.”


As I headed back, Candy rushed up to me.

“I know you took it!”

I stared at her. “What?”

“You stole my favorite perfume! I bet it’s in your room,” she accused.

“I didn’t steal anything!” I held my hands up in the air.

I’d only been at the house for a few minutes. How could I have taken Candy’s perfume?

(Cloud’s POV)


I chatted with my best friend Mischief. We were currently deciding on what the best Halloween pranks were.

“C’mon,” I argued. “Fake spiders are a classic!”

“No way!” Mischief laughed. “Everyone does that. I much prefer pretending to lose an eye or something.”


Suddenly, I felt something (or, someone) cling to my leg. I looked down. It was…Theo?

Theo was normally right next to Waffle.


I scanned the room. Waffle was nowhere to be seen.

I supposed I felt a bit of pride that Theo had chosen to stand behind me. He wasn’t exactly what one would call social, though I had always tried to be nice to him. We’d had a few conversations since we’d met. I guess he trusted me.


“Oh, there you are,” Chip joined us. “I thought you were in our room.”

“Why would I be in our room?” I quizzically asked. 

The party was downstairs, and Cloud Star Stone was where the party was.

“Because Candy’s in there. She thinks you stole her perfume.”

Crap,” I thought. I had stolen her perfume. She was going to be mad. I had to go try and explain myself. As I took off running up the stairs, I noticed I had a follower. Theo raced after me. I wondered where Waffle was. I certainly didn’t need Theo to see me yell at my sister. He might get scared. I knew loud noises were hard on him. 

“Where is it!” I heard my sister yell.

I smirked. I hadn’t exactly hidden the perfume well, but apparently, it was good enough to hide it from Candy.


My jaw dropped when I entered my bedroom. I saw Candy yelling at…me?

“I swear I didn’t take anything!” a muffled voice defended himself.

I did a double-take. Oh, I could definitely work with this.


“Well, I certainly didn’t take it!” I warranted a stare from both Candy and the other bear dressed as a ghost.

Theo looked from me to the other ghost. His face was utter confusion.


Realization hit me. This other ghost must be Waffle. That explained why Theo had been so clingy to me.


“Wait, who are you?” Waffle asked.


“Who are you?” I countered.


“Which one of you is the real Cloud! Where’s my perfume!” Candy cried.


“I guess if you don’t know which one of us is the real Cloud, you can’t very well be angry with either of us,” I said.

“I’m Waffle, he’s Cloud.” Waffle pointed to me.

“Actually, I’m Waffle and he’s Cloud. Wouldn’t the real Cloud claim to be Waffle first?”


Waffle pulled down his ghostly hood. “As I said, I’m Waffle, he’s Cloud.”

A look of fury flashed upon Candy’s face.

“Help?” I glanced at Waffle.

He simply looked afraid. “I suggest you run.” 


“Good idea…”

Hehe…well that was fun! Don’t forget to check out Maggie’s stuffie story, and check back here tomorrow for more of Halloween week!

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        1. Yeah! So Maggie had the idea that the bears would go to a costume party dressed as the same thing and I turned it into this! I came up with the idea of one of Maggie’s stuffie’s could dress up like a ghost.

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