Fall Photoshoot with Gisselle

Hello friends! Welcome back to Halloween week!

Today, I took some photos with Gisselle with our fall decor! I love the way they turned out! I hope you enjoy these photos.


I crocheted this outfit for Gisselle. I wanted have it for her so she could wear it in the season finale of L’Etudiant Etranger.


What do you think of these pillow covers? I think they’re so pretty.


I found these orange lights this year! I think they’re perfect for fall.


I need to write the next season of L’Etudiant Etranger…actually I need to plot L’Etudiant Etranger.


Ah…I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. Big plans for that!

*note to self…make big plans for BABF Thanksgiving*


It’s my favorite piece of fall decor, my Thanksgiving dachshund!


Ahh, I love fall.


I got this fall blanket from Target recently…


I may be obsessed with how soft it is.


Gisselle is obsessed too.


I like this sign. It reminds people to be thankful.


This year I didn’t really use any Halloween decorations. It makes it easier to just have general fall decor.


Gisselle loves how the orange flowers complements her green dress.


Gisselle can’t wait to put on her halloween costume. She won’t reveal what it is yet, but she says you all will love it!


Bye! I will see you all tomorrow for the second episode of our sitcom!

Copy of Halloween

10 thoughts on “Fall Photoshoot with Gisselle

  1. Awee! The fall decor was amazing. yes the blanket looks so snuggly I love the dress you made!! How long did it take you? I can’t crochet from a pattern very well. did you use a pattern? I like the thanksgiving doggie.

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