Assortment of Awesome no. 2

Hello friends!

It’s time for an update post! I know that those can sometimes be a little boring, so I included a few photos of Stella to liven up the post. I was going to do something else today, but I’ve been pretty busy blogging-wise lately and I needed a simple post to give me a break. Plus, there are some things I’ve been meaning to talk about…

Stella says hi! I think this sweater is adorable on her.

CHH logo winner

First up on the agenda today is the winner of the CHH logo competition! I’ve been meaning to announce this for like…ever.

unnamed (2)

Congrats to Liz!

my desk rn…

Thanksgiving Week

This is the reason today’s post is a bit shorter than normal. (well, partly) I was planning a 7 day Thanksgiving week, but now I’m planning a 5 day week. It’s really not that much of a change, but it will make things a little easier on me.

But, there will still be 5 posts during Thanksgiving week! I’m pretty excited about it.

Skipping Stones

Speaking of Thanksgiving week, I’m planning not one, but TWO episodes of Skipping Stones for Thanksgiving week! Fans of the series may want to read these ones. (they’re important!)

She’s just sitting in the clean living room…

Clean Studio

I spent the past few weeks cleaning my studio! It still needs some organization, but that’s not all on me. (other people store junk in that room too…) Anyway, it’s cleaner now, so it’s easier to work in there.

My dad said this bed reminded him of a clown car…

Fall clothing

I dressed all the bears in their fall outfits! It always takes longer than I think. But I’m happy with them. (So…prepare to see these outfits for a while.)

I love this photo

Christmas Decor/Design

I cannot wait to decorate the bear’s house for Christmas! Also, I have a blog design set to go for Christmas. Both of these things you will see on November 27th!

Speaking of Christmas…I will give you a teeny sneak peek.

The 31 Days of Christmas!

That’s right! I’m not doing the 25 Days of Christmas again this year. I’m doing the 31 days! Couple that with posts on other blogs, I’ve got a LOT of posts to make in December. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to do all this? But hopefully, I’ll figure something out. There’s something HUGE coming in the month of December.

Anyway, with all the craziness of the holiday season coupled with 40+ posts in the month of December, I don’t know how active I’ll be in the blogging community. I definitely want to reply to all your comments and read your posts, but I honestly don’t know what I will and won’t have time for.

Also, I just wanted to mention that I’m doing the Virtual Christmas Card Swap again this year! Y’all seem to love that, and I’ve even had someone ask about it! I can say with some degree of confidence that I will post that one on December 5th. Technically that is when I’ll begin the swap, but if you want to send in your card early…go ahead.

Finally, like I said, this is a lot of posting. I don’t have any solid plans for BABF in January, so I may take a slight hibernation.

In 2022 however, I do have plans for Aftershock s3(hopefully the last season), the second and final season of L’Etudiant Etranger, and CHH. (the FOURTH year!) There’s also this series that I loved writing that hopefully, I’ll finally get to share soon. It’s…a big time commitment though.(at LEAST 6 seasons)

Anyway, I have more series’ I’d like to announce, but I tend to bite of more than I can chew. So we’ll see.

Okay, I *think* that’s everything! I hope you enjoyed this boring, um, important post! Fun stuff coming up!

Which of these things are you most excited about?

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