Thankfulness, Tribes, and Tastes: Thanksgiving 2021

Hello friends! Happy Thanksgiving!

How has your day been so far? Have you had a lot of food?

I don’t actually know what I’ve been up to today. I’m scheduling my Thanksgiving post for once. I figured…why not take Thanksgiving off blogging-wise? (I’ll also be scheduling my Christmas Day post. 3 years of blogging on Holidays is enough)

Anyway, likely I’m currently lounging on the couch with my family with a full stomach. But enough about me! Let’s see what Waffle and Theo are up to.


Hey boys! What are you guys doing today?


“We’re eating! I made most of the food,” Waffle explains.

Theo simply nods. He’s a bit camera-shy. And shy-shy. But that’s alright. Not everyone needs to say what’s on his mind.


“The pies are our favorite.”


Theo happily munches in agreement.


“This afternoon, we’re settling in to watch some football.”


“After…a little bit more food.”


“Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Please tell us about your day in the comments!”

Thanksgiving schedule

“Come back tomorrow to see the continuation of Skipping Stones!”

8 thoughts on “Thankfulness, Tribes, and Tastes: Thanksgiving 2021

  1. I had a blast. We went to our friends house and we made half the food and they made the other half. We watched some movies, Made some jewlery(the girls did), And I made a Pumpkin pie. It was really good. We played a game and just hung out. What did you guys do? I loved the pies that the bears made. Idk if I want to eat the pie that Theo smushed his face in though……..

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