Trim up the Tree

Hello friends! It’s the last day of Thanksgiving week…which means it’s time to get into the Christmas Spirit!

I wrote this photostory in a very similar style to the original Stone stories that I wrote. It was fun to return to my writing roots.

Anyway, this is the story of the Stone family decorating for Christmas. Enjoy!

(Cali’s POV)


Cali tapped her foot along the floor. It was Saturday, two days after Thanksgiving. Normally, the Stone family put up their decorations for Christmas on Black Friday. And yet, there were no adornments of Holiday cheer that could be found. No frills or flourishes sparked joy.


Sighing, Cali stared out the window. She didn’t know when her family would get around to decorating. Outside of all the normal craziness, it was also Christmas! Plus, Sandy and Cloud had a job to do this year. Mommy was busy driving them to and from the studio most days. Cali didn’t know when the whole family would be together long enough to put all the decor up.


A rustle came from the garage. Cali jumped.

What was that?


It wasn’t long before her question was answered. Daddy carried the Christmas tree into the room. Cali watched as he set it down and returned holding a box overflowing with decor.

“Get your siblings,” Daddy announced. “We’re putting up the tree today.”


Cali gasped. But today wouldn’t work at all! Mommy, Sandy, and Cloud weren’t even home. They couldn’t put the tree up without the entire family!

“What about Mommy? And Sandy and Cloud?”

Daddy shrugged. “I know they aren’t here, but we might as well go ahead and decorate. Mommy said we should do it today.”

Cali frowned. It wouldn’t be the same to decorate without three members of the family. Mommy was always so good at managing things, and Sandy loved decorating. And Cloud loved to put the star atop the tree once everything was finished.


“Kids!” Daddy called.


Four kids appeared in the living room. Cali found herself on the lookout for the others. It felt so empty without them.

“What’s up?” Chip asked.

“We’re going to put up the Christmas decor now,”


The twins cheered, Candy clapped, and Chip nodded in approval.

Why aren’t they upset about the others? It’s a huge deal!

Nothing was said about the missing family members. It made Cali feel sad. How would the family feel if she missed out on an important occasion? Would they even care?

She brushed it off. If everyone else wasn’t concerned about it, then she wouldn’t be concerned about it either. Decorating would be fun with or without them, right?


Christmas carols made the process run smoother. Cali hummed along as she painstakingly placed ornament hooks on the ornaments. Chip tinkered with the lights as the twins hung up signs. Candy, well, she appeared to be doing something, though no one could tell exactly what that was.

Cali imagined that if Sandy was there, she’d know just where to put all the ornaments. Cloud would hurry everyone until he could place the star on the tree. It would probably be annoying, but it would also be helpful. Mommy would help, and everything would just be better.

But they weren’t there. 

Cali trudged away at the decorating.


Just when the bears were almost finished, a key turned in the door. It was Mommy, Cloud, and Sandy!

Cali eyed the star. Perfect timing Cloud.

Cheers erupted from the family when the three family members entered through the front door. Cali was glad that everyone was at least happy to see the others.


“Wow,” Mommy gasped.

She looked in awe at all of the decorations.

“This looks amazing.”


Cali wandered over to Sandy who had the same awe-stricken look upon her face.

“Are you upset we decorated without you?”

Sandy shrugged. “I mean, it definitely would be fun to decorate with you guys. But I’ve done a lot of decorating on the set, and I was kind of stressed. This really made me smile.”

Cali was shocked. Shouldn’t Sandy be more upset? 

To be sure Cloud would be enraged that they left him out.


“You saved the star for me!”


Cloud grinned as he picked up the star. Daddy scooped him up and lifted him to the top of the tree. With the addition of the star, the tree sparkled.


Cali stood back. The room looked amazing, and Cali loved the Christmas cheer that came from the beautiful decor.

Even if the whole family wasn’t involved in the decorating, they were still part of it. Mommy had bought all the decor all those years ago, Sandy had trained the kids on interior design, and of course Cloud placed the star atop the tree, the finishing touch.


It had been unrealistic of Cali to expect that a family of nine would always do everything together. There would be times where they had to divide and conquer. But what truly mattered was that they were a family. The times when they were together were filled with joy and love.

There you have it! The Stones are officially decorated for Christmas! Have you decorated for Christmas yet? If all goes well, my house should be fully decorated today. But I’m also writing this a bit early because I have a lot of posts to make before the end of the year!

Speaking of, the next time I see you all will be on December 1st! Then, you’re stuck with me for the next 31 days! I’ve got some content up my sleeve that I think you guys are really going to like.

Thanksgiving schedule

Thanks for joining us for Thanksgiving week!

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