Pictures From the North Pole + Introducing Christmas Photo Series

Hello friends! I cannot explain how excited I am to be here right now! It’s finally December, which means it’s finally time to kick off the 31 Days of Christmas!

I’m SO excited! Anyway, you may have heard me mention a Christmas Photo Series this year, no?

Well, today I have exclusive photos from the set of this so-called photo series! (also, if you want to learn the title, keep reading!

Anyway, I’ll hand this over to one of the stars, Cloud Stone!


Guess where I am right now. Guess!


That’s right…the North Pole!


Well…maybe it’s just a replica of the North Pole. But still, how exciting! I’m here because I’m acting in a series in which I’m the star of!


“Excuse me, you’re the star? I’m the star!”


Well…okay. We’re co-stars. Mischief and I play brothers. We aren’t brothers in real life, but we are as close as brothers!

Speaking of siblings, I’m going to introduce you to another actor in this series.


It’s my very own sister, Sandy! Tell us about your character Sandy.


“Well, she’s a lot like me actually. She’s very on top of things and organized, similar to myself.”

Is organized the new word for micro-managing? I didn’t know that…


Um…let’s meet another actor!


“Hi everyone! I’m Gisselle! I am in this series and I cannot wait for you all to meet my character Cocoa!”


We’re all very excited about our characters! There are some fun interactions that we have…


Anyway, now I’ll take you to the first room in the set.


You may recognize this room as my living room! It was kinda weird to film in my own house, but it also helped me be a little more comfortable.


There are also some small details in this room that you may notice later! This sign may look like just a simple sign quoting a Christmas song, but actually, it’s also a nod to the characters! The family’s last name is White, so this is kind of an easter egg to that.


“I love my character! He’s a lot like me, though there are some differences. But I do get to exercise my natural prankster charms.”


This room is fun! Mostly because we got to convert my parents’ room into the brother’s bedroom for the day.


This room is pretty much only used for one scene, but there are still some fun Christmas touches.


Anyway, here are the important details! This new series is called…

Naughty and Nice!

Cast List

Here’s the cast list! You can see who each bear is playing. Also, you’ll notice that there is a list of Alpha readers on this! Diamond had some people read this series early and give feedback on this series. It wouldn’t be what it is today without each of these readers!

So, huge thank you to Alexa, Chloe, Issabelle, Kaley, Maggie, and Sarah!

Finally, you can expect to see 10 episodes, with the first episode starting on December 3rd!

We cannot wait for you all to experience this series! Also, we’re super excited about our content for the next 31 days! See you tomorrow!

22 thoughts on “Pictures From the North Pole + Introducing Christmas Photo Series

  1. I.

    THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC!!!!! And I just LOOOOVED Cloud and Mischief introduction to the series. They are just sooo cute in their elf costumes!!!😂 And you are SO welcome girl; it was an HONOR to be able to help ya out with this fabulous story!!! (Plus, I get to be one of the lucky few not hanging on in suspense to read this story!!! It’s a win-win situation!)

    Liked by 2 people


      I’m so glad you liked it! And I can’t wait for you to see the photos that go along with this. =) You’re literally amazing and I couldn’t have done this story without you! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    I got 110% excited when I got the reference on that little poster on the wall haha!
    This month is already gonna be amazing! I can feel it!
    (Also thanks for the shoutout! Being an alpha reader is pretty awesome 😎)

    Liked by 1 person

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