Virtual Christmas Card Swap 2021

Hello friends!

It’s time for the most anticipated post of the season…my virtual Christmas Card Swap! (I’ve already had multiple people ask me if I was going to be doing this again this year, so I’m anticipating a good number of cards!)

Firstly, I’m going to share a couple of photos I took while trying to get the right one. Then I’ll show you my card and explain the rules.


I started out in front of the Stone’s Christmas tree. I was trying to decide who should be this year’s model, and then I realized Cloud hadn’t gotten his own Christmas Card yet! He is the blog’s mascot after all, so I figured it had to be him.

Anyway, I liked this photo, but I wanted to try some more.


For this photo, I turned off the flash. I like how it turned out, but not for a Christmas card.


Then, I took this photo of him with this mug I got from Hobby Lobby. I liked it, but you can clearly see that he isn’t wearing pants, LOL!

That’s because I just finished all the photos for Naughty and Nice! I’m kind of sad it’s over not going to lie, but I am also glad to have these posts one step closer to being published.

Basically, I was in the middle of dressing all the bears when I realized I needed the Christmas Card. And so Cloud is just wearing a shirt. But he’s a bear so it’s okay. 😉


Then I liked this one, but I wanted the mug to be shown more. I eventually just decided to forego the mug.


This one I took in front of our family Christmas tree. It’s just a tad too bright.

Merry Christmas!

And finally, here’s the photo I decided on! I think it looks lovely on this year’s card. I personally prefer this card to the cards from previous years…

Anyway, but enough about my Christmas Card! Let’s talk about how YOU can participate in all this Holiday fun!

Rules for Participating

  • Make your Christmas/Holiday card (it must be in .jpg or .png format!)
  • Post it on your blog, linking back to this post OR email it to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com
  • For every card I receive before December 23rd, I will add it to this post

Alright! It’s really simple and this exchange is always really fun. Don’t forget to check back at this post regularly to see the cards from everyone! You’ll also be able to meet some new bloggers.

See you all tomorrow with a new episode of Naughty and Nice!

Submissions from you:

From Miriam
From Eesh
From Ordinary Fab Girl
From Rosy
From Gelina
dwod christmas card 3-border-4-redo-final
From Madison

If you like Christmas Cards, check out Madi’s blog! She’s hosting a Christmas Card swap too!

From Dhriti
From Liz
From Addie

28 thoughts on “Virtual Christmas Card Swap 2021

  1. OooOooOooOo THIS SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! I will definitely be sending a Christmas card, but I’ll probably just email it to ya since I have a hard time getting over to posting on my blog. #thepainsofablogger 😅

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