Christmas Haul 2021

Hello friends!
It’s time for a Christmas haul! I know these posts can be controversial, but I like doing them, so I’ll do one! If you don’t like reading them, no worries! I’ll see you tomorrow for more of our normal posts.

It’s kind of a mandatory disclaimer for me that this isn’t meant to brag. I’m simply showing those who are interested what I got, and it’s also fun to look back on the things I got. Plus…this may serve as an introduction of sorts…


First up, this candle came from a dear friend of mine. (She recently started a blog…please go show her some love!) It smells AMAZING and I can’t wait to burn it.

that sounds kinda ungrateful diamond…

Y’all know what I mean. 😉


Next up…the family Christmas present, a Nintendo Switch! I seriously cannot believe I have this now and I’m SO grateful. We got some deals on this and some accessories. The two games we got for Christmas are Super Mario Brothers and Animal Crossing. I definitely love Animal Crossing. And I also love how this console is really good for multiplayer games unlike *cough* Xbox *cough*.

I’m thinking of doing a gaming series on my other blog in 2022!


My mom got me these Stitch PJs…she didn’t realize the top was a Halloween shirt, but oh well! It’s super cute anyways. I love these PJs.


*heart eyes*

I think this may be my favorite thing other than the Switch…it’s a Stitch snowglobe! And from one of my favorite scenes! Aghhh I love this so much!


In my stocking there’s candy, but you don’t need to see photos of that, I got two Funko Pops(Scarlet Witch and a mini Lilo,) some nail wraps + a UV light, A new set of brush pens, a Groot pencil holder, some Build-a-Bear clothes, makeup, and new Build-a-Bears!


BOOKS! I may have purchased a few of these myself…(what, there was a sale?)

I got a bunch of Melanie Cellier books and I was REALLY excited about those. The others…well, my mom bought a few books I’ve never heard of, plus they’re a bit under my age range. (still grateful for them though!)


A new movie to add to my collection =)


This is the stuff I decided to return…I don’t know why Build-a-Bear made a shirt that is like two shirts, but also one shirt…

And finally…the part you’ve all been waiting for, my new bears!

It’s Olaf! And he likes warm hugs!

He won’t be featured too much on the blog, but you’ll still see him around every once in a while.


Meet Adeline! I’m not saying much about her for now, but you’ll learn all about her later! Feel free to leave some guesses about her in the comments.

Alrighty! That concludes my Christmas haul! I’m very grateful to everyone who gave me gifts. And also to everyone who read this far! I will see you all tomorrow for a post…um, I don’t remember what I have scheduled for tomorrow. This is the last post I’m writing of the 31 days and I’m kind of on a time crunch here…heh. But there will be a post tomorrow!

What’s your favorite video game? What do you think Adeline’s story is? Tell me what you got for Christmas!


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