Blogging Plans for 2022

Hello friends!

Today we’re resting from all the big posts I did for Christmas. We’re going to look at some plans that I have for 2022!

2022 is very close…a little too close for my liking. Thankfully though, I’ve started making blogging plans. Let’s talk about them!


You guys are gonna be excited…Aftershock season three! I need to actually write this, so I won’t make any promises as for the premiere date. Let’s just say the season opener will be…explosive.

I’d also like to focus on a blog organization. Make sure to let me know if there’s a way I can make BABF more user-friendly!


I’m doing one of two things…Olympic week, or Bella’s Wedding week! I haven’t quite decided yet, because while I like the idea of a Valentine’s wedding, I’ve also wanted to do an Olympic-themed series for YEARS. It only comes around every four years!

Also, I’ve got to figure out something for Valentine’s day.


Other than a St. Patrick’s Day post, I want to start up the final season of L’Etudiant Etranger.

OH, AND IT’S OUR FIFTH BLOGIVERSARY! I gotta do something big.


April Fools Day…I’ll probably do something. Also, I have a few ideas for Easter, so be tuned to see which I end up doing!


For Star Wars Day…the third installment of our Star Wars series! I’m not really sure what the plot of this is, and I also can’t tell you if this will be the final part. But I have a while to figure that out.

unnamed (2)


Camp Happy Heart! I don’t have specific details for how long camp will be or anything, but at the very least, I’ll do a week of posts. I just don’t really know where I’ll be with my life this summer.

Late Summer

I’d like to start up a series I’ve been talking about for almost a year…Back in the Day! The first season has been written, I just need to edit it and get some photos for it. I also want to write season two before season one premieres.


There’s another photo series I want to start…but no details on that yet. Let’s just say it’s a very important subject matter.

I’ll obviously make some Thanksgiving and Halloween-themed posts, but I don’t know how many.


I don’t know if I’ll do a full 25 days this year, but I’ll definitely do some Holiday posts!

I won’t say anything about that potential series…


There are some things I wasn’t able to talk about in the month-by-month breakdown, but I want to mention them!

More Skipping Stones to come! I can’t believe we already have 5 episodes.

Remember this series I’ve been talking about for years? Perhaps 2022 will be its year.

More BABAD! This won’t be on any sort of schedule, but I’ve missed doing this. I definitely would like to make more of these.

Also, I’m thinking I may start posting on Mondays and Fridays. I won’t post every Monday, but I will on some of them. Especially since I have a lot of series I want to get to!

What did you think of my 2022 plans? Which are you most excited about? Also, tell me how I can make my blog more user-friendly in the comments!

(one last post of 31 Days tomorrow!)


15 thoughts on “Blogging Plans for 2022

  1. …explosive

    Use your words, Diamond – explosive can mean so many different things🥺

    But I’m super excited for everything else!! Especially for Back in the Day! And Camp Happy Heart! And your FIFTH Blogiversary!?
    Happy new year!! So excited to see where this year takes you and your blog!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. you have so much planned for this year, and I’m so excited! Especially camp Happy heart and aftershock.
    To be honest, I haven’t read season two yet, 🙁 BUT I’ll read it as soon as I get to.
    happy 2022!

    Liked by 2 people

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