Breaking The Ice || A Hockey Photostory ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022

Hello friends!

I’m excited to share today’s post with you. It’s about a pretty popular Olympic sport…Hockey!

Now, I know virtually nothing about hockey. So, I asked my resident hockey expert Lizo a few questions, and she helped me to know some more about this sport. So thanks Lizo! I would have been completely lost without you.

Anyway, enjoy…Breaking The Ice!

(Cloud’s POV)


I shivered, and not just because of the frigid conditions. I, Cloud Star Stone, was…nervous.


Before you shake your head and say, “Well, that doesn’t sound like Cloud, he’s cool as a cucumber,” let me explain myself.


I had been chosen as part of the official team representing the United States in the Bearlympics. Usually, this would excite me. And it did! But I felt a lot of pressure today. And not just the usual ‘you’re representing your country in the Bearlympics’ sort of pressure.


Today, I was going to be starting a new position for the first time. Not just any position either! The center position.


Previously in the games I’d played, I was always the right defense. I was good at that position, it came naturally to me now.


But for some reason, my coach didn’t like it when we were comfortable. He wanted to constantly push us to be our best selves. 


Which, was admirable I guess. But I didn’t feel much admiration when it meant that I was going to have to do the hardest position in what was potentially the most stressful game of my life.


Don’t get me wrong, I’d practiced center a lot. My coach wasn’t crazy enough to throw me in blindly at the Bearlympics! But I’d never played a full game as a center. I didn’t want to let my team down.


I peeked out at the rink from the locker rooms. Fans littered the stands. I could see the familiar faces of my family and friends. My little sister Cali held up a sign that read “Cloud Star Stone is my star!”


I grinned. It was nice to have people believe in me.


I just didn’t want to let them down.


“Okay, team!”


My coach’s voice brought me back to reality.


“You’re going to get out there, and it’s going to be tough! Canada has a great team. But you guys remember what I say about great teams?”


“Great teams only motivate us to do our best!” Oswald piped up.


Coach nodded. “That’s all I ask of you…do your best out there. May the best team get the gold!”


We repeated that last line along with him.


I just hoped my best would be good enough.


We glided onto the ice as a team.


I caught a sympathetic look from Theo as I skated to my new position. He was the center before today, and I could only imagine the relief he felt when he found out he didn’t have to play center in today’s game.


I glanced at the other team. They seemed to know what they were doing. Which made sense, seeing as Canada was favored to win gold.


The game began and I pushed all of my nervousness out of my mind. It wouldn’t do anyone any good. Like Coach had said, I needed to do my best. I couldn’t do that if I was all jittery.


My stick became an extension of my arm and the puck an extension of that. I skated along to the goal and slid the puck in.


The goalie tried to block it, but he couldn’t.


“Yes!” I thought. Maybe I could do this! I was going to be the best center Team USA had ever seen! Er…maybe not the best, but at least maybe I could win this.


Shots were made by each team. Some were blocked and others went in. I did my best not to wince every time our goalie missed. 


The buzzer rang and the game was over. I swallowed as I mentally calculated the number of goals. I knew our team had at least 5 goals. Did Canada have more? I hoped not.


I looked up at the scoreboard.


Red LED letters assigned my fate.

USA: 5 | CANADA: 4


My mouth hung open as I skated over to my teammates. I wrapped my arms around Oswald, my hockey stick lay forgotten on the ice.

“We won!”


Coach came over to us. “Great job team!”


The other team’s members wandered over to us.

“Nice job out there,” One boy said. “If we’re going to lose, it’s an honor to lose to a team like yours.”

I grinned at his sportsmanship. “You didn’t make it easy.”


A wave of euphoria washed over me. My joy was not just because we’d won, but also because I’d done my best. But…mostly because we’d won. Winning wasn’t everything, but it certainly was important!

What did you think? Do you like hockey?


12 thoughts on “Breaking The Ice || A Hockey Photostory ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022

  1. Great story! How do you come up with these story ideas?? I love them! I have never been very interested in sports but I do love air hockey. I would be interested to try hockey if I could. I live in a warm state though. The link for Lizo does not work for me. I just thought I would let you know.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you so much! You’re so sweet.
      Same. Air hockey is fun though!
      Yeah I live in a warm state too. But I think that with Hockey you can do it in a rink? So I think that it doesn’t matter that much. But I also could be wrong because I’ve never played.

      Oh thanks! I’ve fixed it now I think.

      Liked by 1 person

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