Assortment of Awesome no. 3 {exposing all my secret plans}

Hello friends!

I realize that you all were promised Aftershock in January. Whelp, it is no longer January and you still don’t have Aftershock…so where’s Aftershock Diamond?

Aftershock News

Basically…Aftershock hasn’t been written yet. I’m planning ten episodes, and then I’d like to have some time to edit them to make sure everything fits together and wraps up nicely for the final season. So I really cannot guarantee that Aftershock will be up before CHH 2022. I hope it will, I really do. Because…honestly I’m ready to move on.

Don’t get me wrong, Aftershock is my first photo series and my most popular. It will always hold a special place in my heart. But…it was never supposed to go past one season. I just kept making episodes, and you guys liked it, so I gave it a season two, and eventually, there will be a season three. But…I just feel like I can do better than Aftershock.

I’m also worried I guess that Aftershock was a one-hit-wonder so to speak. Like…even after I finish Aftershock and move on to other things, you guys won’t like them as much as Aftershock.

BUT, the point of this post is to share a lot of details about future photo series’s to get you guys (and myself!) excited about them.

Disclaimer about today’s post:

The stories/snippets mentioned in today’s post are not set in stone. They will probably change, and some might not even happen at all. But, I wanted to make today’s post juicy, so I’m going to be sharing details that have never before been seen by eyes other than my own. Seriously. This is top-secret stuff.

That’s right…every photo series idea I currently have will be revealed in today’s post. Also, you’ll get to see snippets from things that are already written. It’ll be an exciting ride…

I’ll be starting with the more familiar projects and ending with the more top-secret ones. To reward those who read until the end. That means we’re starting with…

Aftershock Snippets

I said I hadn’t written Aftershock s3 earlier, didn’t I? That was kind of a lie. I wrote the first four episodes, but I still need to write the next six(and then edit, and then photos) before episode one will be posted. But, I do have some snippets to share!

These hopefully won’t be too spoiler-y, but they will probably include spoilers for seasons one and two. Be warned.

I watched as her fingers flew across the keyboard.

“Hurry,” I whispered, my eyes darting in all directions. “I think someone’s coming,”

Footsteps reverberated through the hallways. I counted, there had to be at least five people. My heart raced. If LoS found us here…

Teddy pouted. “I have to write a stinking essay on the Revolutionary War.”

“Aw, c’mon! That’s not so bad.”

“It has to be a thousand words long!” Teddy stressed.

“How about we start with… ‘In this essay, I will share some facts about the Revolutionary War.’ That’s twelve already! Hey, we’ve only got nine-hundred and eighty-eight to go!”

The superhero life seemed like glitz and glamour, but there was so much responsibility. I felt more suited to domestic life. Teddy was my life now.

“When you’ve lived as long as I have, there is rarely one correct way to do things. To answer your first question, I accepted you because I could see what no one else could. A girl, pure of heart, despite having power which she did not understand or even know about. I knew that with proper training, you’d make a marvelous superhero.”

He stroked his chin. “Tori wants revenge. Is that what you want?”

“No sir. I want justice.”

She looked at me with a mix of terror, confusion, and a little admiration.

“Well,” Baby chirped. “Thanks for finally remembering me. I guess you’re just too busy saving the world to worry about the most important member of your team.”

I rolled my eyes. I definitely wasn’t looking forward to Teddy’s teenage years if he had the amount of sass that Baby had.

Let’s move on to our next series…

L’Etudiant Etranger

Season two (a.k.a the final season) will premiere this spring! I’m really excited about this one…it’ll be fun. In this season, Gisselle will be going back to France. Here are the snippets!

I returned my attention to the boxes upon my bed. “Wanna help me pack?”

“Only if I can put myself in that box and ship myself to France,”

“I do not think that is the best idea,” I laughed. “But you do have to visit me sometime.”

“Les murs ont des oreilles.”

The confusion lingered until I heard two whispering voices outside the door. “Oh.”

“Qu’est-ce que cela signifie?”

“Gisselle…je voudrais habite ici. Tu l’as fait! Mere et Pere veulent que je.”

*smiles in French* Most of the snippets for that one are either spoilery or in French. Enjoy deciphering that last one. But you’ll see soon enough. Moving on.

Naughty and Nice

Naughty and Nice ended right? Rightttttttttt.

I may have an inkling of an idea for a sequel. Not even the NN Beta Team knows much about that yet. So no promises about this one…but it’s a possibility. 😉

Back In The Day

I cannot BELIEVE I’ve barely talked about this one! I’ve mentioned it a few times because I have no idea about the timeline of this one but GUYS! I’ve written the first season! And I’ve just been sitting on it for about a year!

Also…this series is definitely my favorite out of all of these. There will be at least 6 seasons, with potentially a Christmas special and a spin-off series.

*realizes how overwhelming that is* Okay, those are just ideas. But this series will definitely happen, at least season one. And seeing as the first draft of season one is complete, you guys get snippets.

The radio blasted disco tunes while we agonized over our banishment to Camp Arrowhead. I enjoyed the upbeat tempo of that music. As we neared camp, more and more trees clustered together and finally static replaced the peppy songs.

Bella and I held on to each other as we followed the counselor to a rickety cabin. Though parts of the wooden cabin were a light oak color, most parts were stained from age. Moss had even started to grow on one of the wooden boards. I turned my nose up at the sight. Brownie was right, this camp was run down.

 If I had to guess, I’d say there were about a hundred other kids already in the building. My ears were assaulted by so many conversations combining into a cacophony of voices.

The four of us together was a cozy feeling. Something about Cokie and Lil Choc felt like home, and I wanted our group to stay this way forever. Four was the perfect number. I found myself wishing that our group would stay this way forever. It was a comforting idea.

Goodness, I love that snippet! I have way more snippets that I like from Back In The Day, but I’ll leave them for now…

I cannot wait to write season two.

Okay Not To Be Okay

Okay…so not much is planned for this one. But I like the idea of a photo series that addresses mental health in an approachable way.

*zips lips*

The Hidden Princess

This story is kinda nice. Basically, it’s based on a series I made a loooooooooongggg time ago (no you may not have the link…) but way better. Anyway, I randomly started writing this last Spring, and while I haven’t worked on it much sense, I think it’ll make a nice addition to the blog.

Beads of sweat rolled down my cheek. My breath was silent, but fast. I had to get out of there.

Amongst the darkened room, I sensed that the figure had a sword. I squeezed my eyes shut as I prepared myself for my next movements.

In a blink, I lept out of bed and wrapped my arms around my attacker. Cling! The sword fell to the ground. I allowed myself to relax a little.

Per the usual, my mother wasted no time with pleasantries. She cut right to the point, however blunt that point was.

Instead of my usual traveling gown, I was still wearing my night dress. Under normal circumstances, that would have been embarrassing, but when I compared my apparel to that of my servant’s, I was still wearing a finer gown.

I studied her dress. It was a dingy shade of brown, yet I suspected it was initially another color. There were many patches seams from where the dress had torn. For the first time, I was grateful for my immaculate, lacy white sleepwear.

“Amelia?” I asked, struck with an idea. “Do you think you could teach me how to cook and clean?”

Amelia gasped. “That’s not proper!”

I gestured to our surroundings. “And I’m in a cottage in the countryside. Nothing about this is proper.”

Hmmm, what else can I share with you all?

Camper Photo Series

Yeah…the bears have a camper and potentially one day they’ll go on a trip in it for a series.

Christmas All Year

Pretty self-explanatory. If it happens it’ll be at least late 2023.

Pirate Photo Series

I love pirate stories apparently, so I think it would be really cool to have a series like that on the blog. And it would probably involve mermaids! (maybe like…the pirates discover some mermaids? I gotta write this now!)

Music Competition

I think this would be a cool series. Think like…American Idol, but fictionalized and with stuffies. Okay…getting excited about this one now.

And those are all the photo series ideas I have! No stone was left unturned. You guys know EVERYTHING now. And just so you know, the maximum I could do is 4 seasons per year, so it could be at least four years before you see some of this. If I’m even still blogging then. I hope I am.

Let me know what sounds the most exciting! You guys influence my posts more than you know, so it’s possible that whichever gets the most excitement will be next. See you next week!


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