Aftershock Series Finale

Hello friends!

Happy Friday! Are you ready to read the final episode of Aftershock ever?

I’m not sure that I am to be honest…

But anyway, you guys know I’ve been having trouble wrapping this series up, right? I just decided that instead of making a new season, I’d just share everything in one last episode. Here it is!

I shivered as I looked out at the chaos that surrounded me.

They were all…dead. And all of it was my fault too. Pyro had ruined everything, she’d burned LoS to the ground.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough,

She’d taken Teddy too. The child I’d sworn to protect…was gone.


Yeah, you guys know better than to think I’d end Aftershock like that. And as much as I’ve wanted to get Aftershock up for y’all this spring, it just isn’t going to happen. I’m learning that I am more than just my blog and there’s only so much I can handle. But, this fall…THE FINAL SEASON OF AFTERSHOCK IS COMING! Hold me to it y’all.

Did you get fooled by this? Let me know the best prank you’ve seen today!


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