Giveaway Winners + Q&A Announcement


Hello friends!


You may be wondering why we’re all gathered here today. Well, there are a couple reasons! We will be announcing the giveaway winners, but first, we have an announcement!

We’re doing a Q&A!


You may have seen some new friends pop up lately. Now is a perfect chance to ask them things to get to know them better!


Or…perhaps you have some things to ask old friends?


Maybe it’s Diamond you have a question for. Either way now’s your chance to ask all the questions!


You will have until Sunday, April 17th to ask your questions. This is because the answer post will be up on Friday, April 22nd. Ask away!


Now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for…our giveaway winners!

Diamond inputted all the names of those who entered…and made sure to include all the extra entries. She spun the wheel and now we have our third-place winner…

Kaley! Congrats Kaley!

In second-place…

Addie! Congrats Addie!

Finally…the winner is…

CANDY! Congratulations to Candy!

The winners will be contacted promptly. Congrats to these three gals, and thanks to everyone for entering!

Don’t forget to ask some questions for our Q&A in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners + Q&A Announcement

  1. Congrats to the giveaway winners!!!! ๐Ÿฅณ
    Do we just ask our questions in the comments section?

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  2. congratulations to the winners!!

    Here are some questions!:

    What is your (Diamond’s) favorite type of post to do with the bears??

    Which bear do you think has the closest personality to yours?

    and… A question for Waffle. What in a person (err… bear) do you look for when making new friends? Is it easy for you to make friends, or do you find it challenging?

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  3. What do Cherry and Cherie like and dislike the most about being twins?

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  4. Yay, congratulations to all the winners and everyone who participated!!๐ŸŽ‰
    Wow, i love q&a(s)!!
    My questions are:
    What do the stuffies and Diamond like doing when they’re together?
    What kind of music do the stuffies like listening to?(you don’t have to answer for each one of them, just maybe for all of them in general)
    Where do you (Diamond) find inspiration from when you’re in a slump?
    What do the stuffies like most about Camp Happy Heart?
    What do the stuffies like most about Diamond?

    These were my questions! I’m sorry I’m really late.

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