Answer Round of Our Q&A

Hello friends! It’s finally time to answer the questions from our Q&A. Thanks to everyone for participating! I’m excited for you guys to get to know the bears a little more.

Anna‘s Questions

What is your (Diamond’s) favorite type of post to do with the bears??

I think I’d have to go with photoshoots.


Which bear do you think has the closest personality to yours?

Though I do have a bit of my personality in all the bears, I think I would go with Cali for this question.


and… A question for Waffle. What in a person (err… bear) do you look for when making new friends? Is it easy for you to make friends, or do you find it challenging?


I mostly just look for someone who seems interesting and friendly. I do find it fairly easy to make friends.

Eeshani’s Question

What do Cherry and Cherie like and dislike the most about being twins?


Being mixed up. Sometimes someone will be talking to Cherry and thinking it’s Cherie…it’s annoying.

Vivianne‘s Questions

Which bear are you (Diamond) most like?



Which is your favorite to write about?

Hmmm, they’re all really fun! But I guess I’ll go with…Cloud.


Maggie’s Questions

1. which bears have you had for the longest? (i’m sure it’s answered on your blog somewhere hehe but hey)

Brownie was my first Build a Bear. I got her in 2008!


2. what are your favorite bear pairs/duos/couples?

I love a good sibling duo like Mischief and Sparkles or Cam and Stella. As far as couples go, I’d have to pick Bella and Andy.


3. what’s a cool photostory idea you haven’t tried yet but you’d love to one day?

Hm, I feel like I’m mostly gravitating toward series’ these days instead of singular photostory. I have been meaning to make a story about the bears making a treehouse though!

Roshni‘s Questions

What do the stuffies and Diamond like doing when they’re together?


Blog of course!

What kind of music do the stuffies like listening to?


I feel like if there was one sort of music that you could put on and no one would complain, it would be Disney songs.

Where do you (Diamond) find inspiration from when you’re in a slump?

Honestly, that’s kind of hard because I’ve been in a slump for almost all of 2022. But mostly I look back on old posts and I look towards the future. Seeing nice comments doesn’t hurt…

What do the stuffies like most about Camp Happy Heart?


It’s a wonderful place where they can hang out with friends and learn new skills.

What do the stuffies like most about Diamond?

Swirl: She never gives up on us. Most people don’t think much about their stuffed animals once they get to be teenagers or adults, but we know Diamond will never forget us.

I hope you enjoyed this Q&A! Next week, we’ll have the finale of L’Etudiant, and then it’ll be nearly time for Camp Happy Heart!

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