Disney World – March 2018 {BABF archives}

Hello friends! I know I promised the last episode of L’ETUDIANT today, but what do you know? I was unable to get the photos for that this week. But that means you guys get a post from our drafts! From 2018! So ummmm, excuse the quality😂
See you on Friday for L’ETUDIANT!
Yet again, I’m back with another travel recap. This is from my last trip to Disney World as an Annual Passholder. It was fun while it lasted.
The welcoming sign.
Cloud was very happy.
We were staying at All-Star Sports again.
After we arrived, we went to Hollywood Studios to use a couple FastPasses. We rode Toy Story Mania,
Then, we rode Star Tours.
I love this droid so much. He’s hilarious.
After Hollywood, we went to the Character Warehouse. On the way back, Cloud saw the Star Wars fireworks and said “The TIE Fighters are shooting at me!”
The next morning, we went to Epcot to look at the Flowers for the Flower and Garden Festival.
What a lovely picture.
We ate these delicious French foods for breakfast.
Then, we rode the Mexican boat ride.
Soarin’! This was actually the first time I’ve taken pictures on this ride. 
I spy a hidden mickey!
We then left Epcot and went to another Character Warehouse. Then we went to Disney Springs. We went shopping and ate lunch. 
Oh yeah, and I may or may not have personalized a phone case. It was the oly way I could get one to fit my phone.
Look at how perfect it is! I love it so much!
The next day, we went to Magic Kingdom.
I wish I could say that this is my score, however I look over at my dad’s score after we left the first room on the Buzz Lightyear ride and this was his score. After the first room!
Then to Mickey’s Philhar Magic.
A pic of the resort.
We were staying in the baseball section. 
I know that wasn’t as many photos as my normal travel recaps, but it was a really short trip and I feel like I’ve already taken a picture of everything at Disney World a hundred times. That being said, I do kind of miss my Annual Pass.
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