piña colada popsicles with chad!

hello everyone! it’s me, chad the beaver! i love cooking and baking, so i thought it’d be fun to make very summery popsicles: piña colada-flavored!

here’s the recipe right here if you want to make it yourself! the two modifications i made were using frozen pineapple instead of fresh, and a couple dashes of table salt instead of kosher (thought we didn’t have any… found out once i was done in the kitchen that we did 😂👍)

piña colada popsicles with chad!

all you need are 5 ingredients: pineapple, lime juice, unsweetened coconut cream, sugar, and a teeny bit of salt!

i’ve prepared all of my ingredients!

i poured in the pineapple, sugar, coconut milk, salt, and squeezed in the lime juice! it smells delicious ✨

i put a paper towel under the smoothie cup for maggie because sometimes she spills when she pours, and that coconut cream is to the brim😀

blending time! wanted to give you a warning, this blade is very sharp. so please be careful with your own blender!

i actually blended it on the floor in the bedroom, since it’s very very loud. i fell over in that one pic haha

we’re ready to pour it into the popsicle molds! i tried not to fill them too high, since it started to come out a bit if it was too full. into the freezer you go!

a couple hours later, they were ready! i just ran the one i wanted to eat under warm water for a couple seconds, and that helped to pop it out.

they taste tropical, fresh, and very flavorful! the texture is like a frozen fruit bar you can get from the store, so not as smooth as i was expecting, but i loved it!

if you make these, i hope you enjoy them! what’s your favorite summer treat?

maggie @ maggie’s doodles wrote all of the posts for this week (13th-17th) of camp happy heart 2022! she loves making people happy, singing fun songs, and trying new things 💕

4 thoughts on “piña colada popsicles with chad!

  1. Ooooo! you are doing camp? Cool!
    Hi chad! I like ice cream and popsicles. I make popsicles in the same way. I have the same shape molds and everything. I run then under water and fill them less too! These look yummy! And I have frozen pineapple! I might make these when it gets really hot.
    Gotta watch that Maggie, she spills😏😉

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