angie’s art class: meet the students!

hello friends! i’m angie the art teacher! this is my first year teaching, and i have SO much fun with it. art is a beautiful way of expressing yourself! you get to let your creativity shine through, and sharing art with others is a fun way to share happiness.

today i’m gathering all my art supplies for my students! they’ll arrive here on the bus shortly.

oh here they are! i’d like to introduce you to my students!

monty maria is helping me run my art class this year! she’s a preteen and loves to be outside. she enjoys coloring, dancing, and singing!

minty’s a kitten who loves canoeing! when she’s not exploring nature, she also likes to write stories and play with her little brother.

next we have reggie! he’s a little frog with a heart for kindness! he likes to help people out and share a smile everywhere he goes.

last but not least, there’s minnie! she’s a happy little jellyfish who likes baking, designing outfits, and filming short videos.

they’re so happy to meet you all!

stay tuned for tomorrow when minty will show you guys the beautiful project she’s been working on!

maggie @ maggie’s doodles wrote all of the posts for this week (13th-17th) of camp happy heart 2022! she loves making people happy, singing fun songs, and trying new things 💕

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