summer party with pinky and friends!

hello! i’m pinky the octopus, and i think my friends are having a summer party! but i can’t be sure until i find them.

i’m gonna search everywhere i can think of! maybe they’re down by the pool, or in reggie’s backyard, or at our favorite restaurant…

oh! there’s a sign! this should make it much easier to find them 😂

ooh… is this an exciting party box?

oh! hi sammy!

sammy: wassup pinky! we’re almost ready for the party. our friends are just over there!

yay! i found everyone!!! let’s party! 😍🎉

look at this gorgeous photobooth, complete with flower leis!

and they have delicious food: fresh fruit, pizza, cake… yummy!

we had a DANCE PARTAY!! i’m not the best dancer (and chad’s a bit goofy haha), but you should have seen sammy’s skills!

group photo time!

i’m so glad angie could make it! she’s my old arts teacher 😊

maria is a great friend of mine too!

all in all we had a great time! thanks for the party everybody! see you next year!

maggie @ maggie’s doodles wrote all of the posts for this week (13th-17th) of camp happy heart 2022! she loves making people happy, singing fun songs, and trying new things 💕

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