Mist-erious Weather Safety Lesson || Guest Post by Kaley

Hello friends! Today I have a very fun guest post written by Kaley! Make sure to check out her blog after reading this post.

Enjoy the post, because not only is it fun…it’s helpful! You get to learn some weather safety information!

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Sweetie looked at all the bright faces of young campers who didn’t know what was about to happen and almost smiled. But she kept her face serious

image12 (1)

“Listen up, campers! It’s weather week, which means you’ve been having fun with weather activities and learning a little here and there. But today, we have a surprise guest and a little bit more… educational of a topic for you.”

“Misty should be here, and she’s going to be talking to you all about weather safety.” Sweetie looked around for her guest.

image11 (1)

Groans filled the room. Glamoura, ever dramatic, fell over in mock dismay. They waited for a lesson they hadn’t asked for.

image10 (1)

Misty soared above them a moment before gently landing beside Sweetie. “Hello children,” she greeted them. Her voice was quiet, low, and raspy, and the campers immediately quieted down in curiosity about this mysterious guest.


“Who are you?” Cinnamon Bun asked cautiously. Sweetie rolled her eyes but didn’t say a word.


“I’m Misty, a storm chaser in spring and an explorer in every other season. And more importantly, I’m alive. I’ve survived many storms, and today I’m going to tell you how to do it too.”


She nods at Sweetie, who passes out a checklist. Once every camper has a sheet, Sweetie opens a bag and waits for instructions.


“Number 1: when there’s a chance of tornadoes or any storm that can cause large debris, put a helmet and protective clothes on.”


“Number 2: in tornadoes, you want to get underground or as low to the ground as possible. In floods, get as high up as possible. Do the same with hurricanes. Always stay away from windows and doors in a storm.”

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“Number 3: pack a bag of stuff in storm seasons or have a plan for a bag filled with clothes and basic toiletries, as well as prized belongings. If you want to be able to have it if you have nothing else, pack it. Unless it will weigh you down too much if you have to swim or walk. Keep it prepared and light.”

image3 (1)

“Number 4: if you’re in a car when a tornado happens, get out and find a ditch or lower place and cover your head. If you’re in a car during a flood, remind the driver to not drive into water above the headlights. Turn around, don’t drown.”


“Number 5: know the difference between a watch and a warning. A watch means the ingredients are there, like in baking. A warning means it’s baked and there. Get prepared in a watch and be safe in a warning.”

“Those are the most important tips in a storm. Any questions?” Misty glanced around the room as Sweetie put everything away.

image1 (1)

“Only one,” Flora said. “How many storms have you survived?”

image0 (1)

“Far too many,” Misty said. And with that, she flew away.

If you want to be prepared and not scared in storms, here’s the checklist for you to print out!


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