Patriotic Photoshoot

Happy July Fourth friends!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day celebrating the Fourth. The campers at Camp Happy Heart sure are! Would you like to see how the Stellar Scouts are celebrating?

They’re having a party of course! It’s Party Week this week at Camp.


Cam, Waffle, and Tye are all hanging out at this spot that’s decorated for July Fourth.


Look how patriotic this room is!


Tye gets his photo with this lantern.


Now it’s Waffle’s turn.


Last but not least, Cam gets his photo by the lantern.


Cam feels very patriotic with this lei.


Waffle loves the American flag.


These bears love the patriotic lantern.


Tye looks silly with this lei on his head!


Aw, look how sweet these friends are!


Here’s one final photo of the friends.

Did you enjoy this photoshoot? I hope you’re having a great July 4th!

7 thoughts on “Patriotic Photoshoot

  1. All of the decorations look so good! I’m glad the bears had a fun time.

    Liked by 1 person

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