Doodling with Azura || Collab

Hello friends!

Today we have a doodling-themed collab with Maggie! It’s part of CHH…enjoy!


Hey guys! It’s Azura, and in today’s post, I’m going to be doodling based on prompts that my friend Cherie gives me! I’m really excited…I can’t wait to see what I draw today!


Your first prompt is…potato.


Hm…that one’s a little tough…but I have an idea.


Ta-da! A couch potato! Or should I say…a couch made from potatoes. Cute no?

Okay, maybe it’s a little corny. But I promise my next drawings will be more normal.


Your next prompt is makeup.


I think that’ll be pretty simple so I’ll get right to work.


I just drew a simple eye shadow compact.


Finally, I have a challenge for you. You must make three doodles all under the same theme. A summer theme!


That is a bit hard…but I think I can do it!


Alright, I have three doodles! First is a sun, then I have a boat on some water, and finally an ice cream cone!


Do you like my doodles? I do! Huge thanks to Cherie for giving me prompts, and don’t forget to check out Maggie’s doodle post!

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